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Historical Records
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Village of Minoa Clerk Archival Records Listing

The village of Minoa was incorporated in 1913. It is approximately 1.23 square miles and is nestled between Syracuse to the east and Fayetteville to the south. In 1895 an article in the local "Fayetteville Recorder" said; "Minoa is favorably located on the line of America’s greatest railroad, the N.Y.C.. Her railroad facilities are unequaled and she enjoys telegraph communication with the world at large and telephone communication with her neighbors." Though the telegraph has changed Minoa is still enjoys a wonderful home-town atmosphere with access to big-city activities and just about everything in between.

Series Title Years

Cubic Ft.

Dept. Comments
Architectural Drawings, maps, Plans & Photos 1962 1 VC Census Reports, Boundary Maps
Assessment Rolls, Final 1962-1995 7.2 VC Includes: Taxation, Directory of maps, Assessment & roll books (10),
Budget, Village        
  Budget 1985-1990 1 VC  
  Fiscal General Accounting 1987-Present 9 VC  
Community Development & Urban Renewal 1961-1980 2 VC Includes Lewis Park Correspondence
Correspondence or Administrative Files 1953-1958, 3 VC Includes Correspondence with ESM, Parks & Recreation (1953-1958,
Economic & Industrial Development 1987-1988 1 VC Fire Dept Pumer station II building project
Election Records        
  Election (Registration) 1968-Present 4 VC Includes election records correspondence tabulating records.
Environmental Health Records        
  E. H. Sewer Treatment Plant-permits for discharge sewage/water 1949-1969 1 VC See Permits Includes environmental health information
Insurance 1947-Present 3 VC Includes Self Insurance
Journal Entry Books        
  General Journal classification book 1987-1993 1 VC Fiscal
Logs, (water supply & waste water treatment, & Utilities)        
  Sewer 1991-1999 7 VC DEC Sewer Project
  Billing acct. ledger sewer & Water 1996-1997 1 VC Fiscal
  Ledger, general water 1985-1989 3 VC Fiscal General Accounting
Minutes 1913-Present 8 VC 1985-Present is on computer files. An estimate of the computer file in hard copy form is an additional 2 cubic feet
Payroll Journals        
  Payroll 1986-1991 & 1992-1993 2 VC  
Permit Files, Special        
  E. H. Sewer Treatment Plant. (2) permits for discharge sewage/water 1949-1969 1 VC Includes environmental health information
Public Works 1953-1985 1 VC Includes Utilities (gas/electric)
Totals for Historical Records (Village of Minoa)

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