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Historical Records
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Village of Liverpool Clerk Archival Records Listing

The Village of Liverpool was established in 1830. It is approximately 1 square mile. Liverpool is in the heart of Central New York and is on the shore of Onondaga Lake. Natural brine springs run along the lake and have attracted generations of people who followed the game trails. Civilization was made up of mainly the Iroquois Indians as far back as 1500. The Canadian French Jesuits came in 1656 and set up short-lived missions. After the Erie Canal and the Oswego Canal were built, Liverpool became a port town of Yankee settlers, Irish canal workers, and a later wave of German immigrants. In the year 1931, after the 1918 closing of the Oswego Canal, Onondaga Lake Park was built and occupies much of the abandoned canal bed. When you visit Liverpool, you will be reminded of its heritage by the19th century buildings, which still stand today.

Series Title Years Cubic Ft. Dept. Comments
Bonds and Notes 1970-Present 3 VC Includes inactive and Cancelled Series Bonds & coupons
Fixed Assets 1963-1994 1 VC Includes: fire dept. furniture Depreciation Cards 1963-1972
Capitol Construction/ Public Improvement Project 1968-Present 8 VC Includes; Water Tank Storage Removal, Fire Dept. 1998, Phases 1, 2, & 3 for various streets, (CHIPS) Consolidated Highway Improvement Program, Parks, Sidewalks, and Bids
  Attorney's Files 1951-Present 7.5 VC Includes: Tax Delinquencies, Purchases of major equipment, Zoning (variances, Easements, Violations, appeals) Environmental, Parks, Elections, Bids/contracts, and general correspondence.
Claims, Legal 1961-1997 1 VC Includes Tort Claims
Community Development & Urban Renewal        
  Community Development Projects 1977-1995 1 VC  
Correspondence or Administrative Files        
  Correspondence 1982-Present 10 VC Includes various subjects; Post office, Bank, Naval Reserve, School, Historian records
  Bids and Contacts 1965-Present 2 VC  
  Insurance Policies 1977-Present 3 VC  
  Election Records 1967-Present 4 VC Includes Election Results
Historic Preservation Records        
  Cemetery Records 1920-Present 0.75 VC  
Law Enforcement/ Police        
  Police 1983-1998 1 VC Includes "Stop DWI" Records
  Police Benevolent Agreements 1975-1987 1 VC Attorney's Files: Including other Police correspondence
  Police Department Merger 1996-1998 1 VC PBA Contracts and Correspondence
Laws, Local 1954-Present 5 VC Includes Attorney's Files
  Planning Board & ZBA 1964-1997 1 VC Planning Board 1964-1968, and 1977-1997/ ZBA: 1987-1997
  Village Board 1989-Present 3 VC Includes: Sub committee meeting minutes
Personnel 1940-Present 4 VC Includes former employees, W4's, Job Descriptions, Retirement-1979/83, Health Insurance:1980/90, Former employee applic. & appointments
  (PERMA) Public Employees Risk Management Association 1987-1996 1 VC Monthly Reports
  Resolutions & Permits 1946-1983 1 VC  
Plans (Annual, Final, or Long Range Comprehensive)       See also Minutes, Planning Board
  Airport Noise Study 1988 1 VC  
Reports; Annual, Final, or Special (list seperately)        
  Assessor's Annual Reports 1982-1989 1 VC  
  Treasurer's Annual Report 1962-1995 2 VC  
Special Franchise Records 1964-1990 1 VC Cable Television
  Tax Payments by Banks 1994-Present 2 VC Includes Correspondence, Tax Requests, Tax Bill Requests, Corrections, Bank Escrow Reports.
  Tax Rolls 1989-Present 3 VC Tax Roll: Warrant Copy
Totals for Historical Records (Village of Liverpool)

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