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Historical Records
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Town of Cicero Clerk Archival Records Listing

The Town of Cicero was established in the year 1807. It has an approximate size of 49 square miles. The main routes of travel are State Routes 31 and 11. Cicero is located on the N.E. corner of Onondaga County, and the S.W. corner of Oneida Lake. Within the town is the Cicero Swamp State Management Area, home to many different species of animals and reptiles in their natural habitat. This swamp was known as Ka-Nugh-Wa-Ka by the Indians, which meant "where the rabbits run." It was all owned by the Indians until 1944, when it was purchased from them by the State and Federal Government. The oldest house is located north of Route 31 on the east side of Route 11. Today, Cicero is shining full of old culture, as well as sprouting new development, and has many groups and organizations within its township.

Series Title Years Cubic Footage Department Comments
Architectural Drawings, Maps, Plans & Photos 1956-Present 1 TC Town Hall addition 1975-1976, 1974-1978
Assessment Rolls 1991-Present 12.8 TC  
Bonds and Notes 1987-Present 2 TC  
Budget, Town 1949-Present 4 TC  
Claims, Legal 1971-Present 5 TC Claims against the town, 18 year retention
Census Records 1950-2000 1 TC 1950, 1970, 1980, 1982, 1990, 2000
Community Development & Urban Renewal 1979-Present 3 TC  
Correspondence and Administrative Files 1993-Present 1 TC Supervisor's Correspondence 1993-1997, most current 3 years kept in Town Clerk's office
Disaster Response and Damage Files 1993-1998 0.1 TC  
District Reference Files        
Brewerton Water District 1937-1998 3 CP 1937-1938, 1943-1955, 1996-1998
  Sewer Records 1992-1999 3 CP 1992, 1994, 1996, 1999
Environmental Health Records   1 TC Hancock Airbase Noise Study, for additional records see Zoning files
Government Establishment and Reorganization Files   0.1 TC  
Grants and Awards Records 1991 1 TC  
Hazardous Waste Disposal Records 1963-Present 1 TC Landfill records
Laws, Local 1971-Present 1.5 TC Bound volumes
  Tax 1999 0.2 AS Old tax maps kept in TC vault
Military Service Records 1858, 1862 1 TC Old records
  Planning Board 1970-Present 4 TC Kept in TC vault
  Town Board 1852-Present 16 TC Kept in TC vault
  Zoning Board of Appeal 1952-Present 3 TC Kept in TC vault
Mortgages, Chattel 1909-1951 1 TC Conditional Sales 1929-1951
Oaths of Office 1974-Present 1 TC Kept in TC vault, bound volumes,
Personnel Records 1957-Present 25 CP Highway timecards, payroll 1957-Present
Reports, Annual 1986-Present 1 TC Supervisor's Report
Tax Rolls 1854-Present 7 CP  
Veteran's Exemption Records 1971-1984 1 AS  
Vital Statistics        
  Death Records 1994-1996, 2000 1 TC RESTRICTED, old cremation certificates 1951-1985, kept in TC vault
  Marriage Records 1886-Present 12 TC RESTRICTED, old bound volumes, kept in TC vault
Zoning   224 ZD  
Zoning Files, Change of 1960-Present 1 TC 4 bound volumes
Zoning Variance or Special Permit Files 1970-2000 5 TC Waterheaters, electric, plumbing permits
Totals for Historical Records (Dates and Cubic Footage) 1852- Present 343.7


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