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Historical Records
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Town of Onondaga Clerk Archival Records Listing

The Town of Onondaga was incorporated in 1798. Unlike most towns in the county, the Town of Onondaga formed no part of the great Military Tract, but constituted the major portion of the original Onondaga Indian Reservation. The treaty of July 28, 1795, gave the state exclusive control of the Salt Springs Reservation and also ceded much of the territory comprising the town.

Series Title Years Cubic Footage Department Comments
Application Heritage Area 1969-1980 0.4 SV  
Architectural Drawings, Maps, Plans & Photos 1965-Present 90 CE  
Assessment Rolls, Final 1981-1986,1996-Present 1.5 AS Assessor
Audit, NYS Comptrollers 1941-Present 1.6 BK  
Bonds and Notes 1970-Present 0.8 BK, SV, TC Bond payment Schedule kept by BK, Bond paying agent agreements kept by SUP,
  1980-Present   TC 1980-Present kept by TC
Budget, Annual or Special 1956-Present 5.5 BK See Town Board Minutes for Town Budget 1927-1970
Building Condemnation and Demolition Files 1955-Present 1 CE  
Building and Property 1954-Present 53 CE Property Record Cards, 1946-1986 arranged by tax map number, held by AS
Community Development & Urban Renewal 1981-Present 1 TC  
Burial Permits 1888-Present 5.5 TC RESTRICTED
Census Records 1957-2001 1 TC Includes Certificate of Population
Civil Service Examination and Announcement Records 1997-Present 0.2 BK  
Claims, Legal 1890-Present 1 TC  
Correspondence or Administrative Files (General Correspondence Files) 1967-Present 3 SV  
Deed Petitions (Early) 1895 0.1 TC  
District Reference Files        
  Agricultural District 1971-1972 0.1 SV Ag District #1
  Election District 1896-Present 0.5 TC  
  Fire District 1895, 1920-1974 1 TC  
  School District 1812-1935 1.3 TC  
Election Records 1879-Present 1.5 TC See Town Board Minute Books (1834-1926)
Grants and Awards 1990-Present 1 TC 1976-1987 kept by SUP
Hazardous Waste Disposal Records 1978-1988 4 SV  
Highway and Transportation Structure History File 1813-1970 1.7 TC Some Easements included
Journal Entry Books 1971-Present 1 BK  
Law Enforcement Case Investigation Files 1944-Present 99 JS RESTRICTED
Laws, Local 1904, 1938-Present 2.5 TC  
Legal Case Index 1990-Present   JS Computerized
Library Catalogs 1968-1973 0.2 SV 1973 Community Profile Report, Library Bldg Proposal 1968
  Building Permit   99 CE Alphabetically organized by owner or builder name, included some zoning maps,
  Flood Insurance   0.2 CE  
  Tax   0.1 AS  
  Tract 1914-1977 13 AS  
  Zoning   0.2 CE  
  Planning Board 1968-Present 2 CE  
  Town Board 1798-Present 14 TC  
  Zoning Board of Appeal 1948-Present 7 CE  
Mortgages, Chattel 1849-1913 0.3 TC  
Oaths of Office 1978-Present 0.6 TC  
Officials, Listing of 1995-Present 0.1 TC Supervisor's only
Orphan Asylum, Onondaga City 1900 0.1 TC  
Overseers of the Poor & Welfare Records 1921-1942 0.2 TC  
Permit Files, Special 1954-Present   CE  
Personnel 1922-1928,1957-Present 4 BK Includes Payroll records
Planning 1968-Present 2 CE  
Plans, Annual, Final or Long Range Comprehensive 1988 0.1 TC  
Plans, Disaster Preparedness 1992-Present 0.1 CE  
Publications, Official        
  Legal Notices 1980-Present 0.5 TC  
Real Property Assessment Record Card 1946-1964,1987-Present 2 AS  
Referendum Records 1980-Present 0.5 TC  
  Annual, Final or Special 1948-Present 0.5 TC  
  Internal Investigation (non-audit) 1948-Present 3 BK  
Rights-of-Way Records 1960-Present   HW, TC Included in deeds, subdivision records, highway dept has 1893-1928
Stillbirths, Record of 1913-1914 0.2 TC RESTRICTED
Stray Animal Book 1887-1934, 1958 0.1 TC  
Tax Rolls 1933-1934, 1965-Present 35 TX  
Vital Statistics        
  Marriage Records 1883-Present 9 TC RESTRICTED
Zoning 1948-Present 4 CE, SV 1948-Present kept by CE, 1967-1982 kept by SUP
Zoning, Change of 1960-Present   TC  
Zoning Violations 1987-Present 4 CE  
Zoning Variance or Special Permits Files 1948-Present 3 CE  
Totals for Historical Records (Dates and Cubic Footage) 1798-Present 484.2

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