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Onondaga County Clerk
401 Montgomery St.
Room 200
Syracuse, NY 13202

Phone: (315) 435-2226
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Mon - Fri:  8:30a - 4:30p

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Historical Records
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Onondaga County Clerk Archival Records Listing

Series Title Years
Bonds and Bond Lien Indexes  

Bonds and Undertakings 1887-1950
  Collector's Bond 1823-1970
  Individual Surety Bond Lien Docket 1943-1968
  Recorded Bonds and Undertakings, Index to 1858-1960
  State Criminal Surety Bond Lien Index 1936-1951
  Bonds Issued by Onondaga County, Register of 1904-1952
Cayuga Filed Records Before 1799-1858
Census 1850-1925
Central City Building and Loan Association, Minute Book 1891-1897
Certiorari Orders 1938-1939
Certificates for Insurance Agents, Index to 1927-1932
Civil Actions 1890-1941
  Designation of Service 1905-1949
  Legal Actions Relating to Syracuse-Skaneateles Water Project 1893-1895
  Proceedings to Compel Relatives to Support and Maintain a Poor Person 1929-1931
Clerk's Minutes of Common Orders 1847-
Coroner's Inquests, Index to 1880-1945
Corporations and Miscellaneous Papers, Index to 1811-1957
Criminal Actions  
  Criminal Record of Convictions 1895-1907, 1918-1926
  Greenfield Murder Trials and Appeal 1875-1880
  Justice Returns 1880-1965
  Lists of Convicts Discharged by Expiration of Sentence or Pardon 1820-1889
  Prisoner Case Card Index 1938-1951
Decrees in Equity and Partition 1815-1849
Deeds and Mortgages  
  Deed Books 1799-1933
Deeds, Index to 1794-1950
Deeds, Mortgages, Etc. Delivered, Record of 1930-1963
Deeds and Mortgage, Register of 1907-1963
Deposits with County Treasurer 1898-1942
Eligible for Military Service 1917-1918
Executions Returned 1829-1916
Federal Tax Lien Index 1935-1963
General Assignments 1878-1926
Instruments Delivered, General Index of 1902-1950
Judgments and Liens  
  Judgments, Docket of 1799-1961
Jurors Lists 1900-1959
Justices of the Peace 1884-1894
Leased Salt Lots 1855-1874
Liens on Merchandise  
Lis Pendens 1824-1955
Loan Commissioners 1837-1911
  Onondaga County Court, Insane Patients Committed 1895-1951
  Register of Certificates of Examiners in Lunacy 1883-1956
  Register of Lunacy Proceedings 1880-1961
Maps 1893, 1903, 1938, 1969
Master of Journeyman's Horseshoers' Register 1896-1904
Mechanics and Laborers Lien Dockets 1865-1867
Mechanics Liens 1889-1930
Military Tract 1798-1841
Miscellaneous Papers Filed Except Corporations, Index to 1890
Miscellaneous Records 1799-1858
Monthly Statement of Moneys Received 1917-1942
Mortgages, Index to 1794-1950
Mortgage Books 1868-1933
Mortgages, Chattel, Index to 1860-1976
  Mortgagors or Buyers 1860-1947
  Mortgagees or Sellers 1923-1941
  "Vendees" or Buyers 1904-1976
Mortgage Recording Tax 1950-1960
Official Oaths (of Appointed Officials) 1862-1959
Official Oaths (of Elected Officials) 1875-1958
Notaries Public 1898-1944
Notaries Public 1924-1947
Real Estate in City of Syracuse, Transfer of 1882-1900
Real Estate in the Towns, Transfer of 1898-1956
Prohibition 1904, 1920-1923
  Register of Excise Cases 1904-1920
  Register of Permits Issued 1921-1923
  Search Warrants 1921-1922
  Recognizances 1907-1962
Transfers and Mortgages of Interests in Decedent's Estates, Index to 1904-1907
Sales by Sellers (Conditional), Index to  
Sheriff's Sales 1857-1867
  Mortgage Foreclosure Legal Notices 1857-1936
  Sheriff's Certificates of Sale 1857-1966
  Sheriff's Certificates of Sale, Index to 1855-
Stallion, Register of 1887-1947
State Licenses, Registers of 1880-1951
  Architects, Register of 1918-1949
  Chiropodists, Register of 1895-1912
  Dentists, Register of 1892-1951
  Commissioner of Deeds Register 1915-1944
  Nurses, Register of 1904-1946
  Optometrist, Register of 1909-1951
  Osteopaths, Register of 1907-1951
  Physicians and Surgeons, Register of 1888-1948
  Professional Engineers or Land Surveyors, Register of 1932-1951
  Professional Licenses, Register of 1950
  Veterinary Physicians and Surgeons, Register of 1896-1950
Supervisor's Records 1876-1921
Taxes, Unpaid 1903-1929
Title Affidavits, Index to 1800-1937
Veterinary Medical Register 1886-1895
Wage Assignments 1942-1960
Welfare Lien Docket 1969-1972

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