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Town of Camillus Clerk Archival Records Listing

The Town of Camillus, established in 1799, is located on the Southwest side of Onondaga Lake and the West side of Onondaga County. It was named for Marcus Firius Camillus, who had a deep interest in the Roman Classics. A suburban Town is only minutes away from medical facilities, museums, cultural centers, sports arenas, universities and colleges. The Town of Camillus is divided into the Hamlets of Amboy, Belle Isle, Fairmount, Newport, Oswego Bitter, parts of Warners, Westerlea, and a very small corner of Memphis, and the Village of Camillus. For many years, Camillus was the banner town of Central New York for home produce and grain markets

Series Title Years Cubic Footage Department Comments
Architectural Drawings, Maps, Plans & Photos 1935 0.5 TC Fairmount Elementary
Cemetery and Burial Permits 1826-Present 3 TC Maplewood Cemetery, Burial Permits--1890-Present
Census Records 1940-Present 0.2 TC Census Folder, 1940-1980, 1990, 2000
Claims, Legal 1963-Present 1 TC Book of Claims, 1 bound volume, oversize
Community Development & Urban Renewal 1977-Present 0.5 TC File Cabinets
District Reference Files        
  Fire 1942-1973 1 TC Fire Districts--Camillus, Fairmount, Lakeside, Memphis and Warners
  Water 1928-1936 0.3 TC  
Election Records 1975-Present 1 TC Kept in TC vault, includes notices of elections
Grants and Awards Records 1993-Present 2 TC Grant Records, only for TC dept.
Hazardous Waste Disposal Records 1980-Present 5 TC Landfill Records
Highway Transportation Structure History File 1927-Present 4 TC Also included in School District Book
Historic Preservation Records 1972-Present 0.5 TC Kept in TC Vault--Octagon House, School House
Inventory, Natural Resource   0.1 TC Mining folder (Saunders)
Library Incorporation and Chartering Records 1957-Present 0.5 TC Fairmount, Camillus, Maxwell Memorial Library--File Drawers, Legal size files
Laws, Local 1953-Present 2 TC Kept in TC vault
  Tax   4 TC Assessor holds older copies
  Zoning 1948-Present 1 TC Kept in TC vault
  Planning Board 1951-Present 3 TC Kept in TC vault
  Town Board 1829-Present 6 TC Kept in TC vault
  Zoning Board of Appeal 1962-Present 1 TC Kept in TC vault
Oaths of Office 1958-Present 1 TC Kept in TC vault
Officials, Listing of     TC See Town Minute Books
Overseers of the Poor & Welfare Records 1829-1933 0.3 TC Old bound volume, oversize, 1829-1864, 1906-1933, kept in TC vault
Personnel Records   0.5 TC TC keeps personnel records for TC dept only, contact comptroller for town Payroll records
  Comprehensive   0.1 TC  
  Disaster Preparedness 1988-Present 0.1 TC  
Publications, Official        
  Town Map   0.2 TC  
  Zoning Book 1990-Present 0.3 TC  
Referendum Records 1977 0.1 TC Landfill
  Financial Reports, Annual 1949-Present 2 TC Most current 5 yrs in TC office, also included in Town Board Minute books
Rights-of-Way Records (Easements) 1964-Present 3 TC Kept in TC vault, organized by Tax map number
School District Records 1813-1916 0.2 TC School District #3, School Book kept in TC vault
Soldiers' Records 1776-1943 0.3 TC 2 bound volumes, kept in TC vault, Revolutionary War, Civil War, WWI and WWII
Television Records (Cable File) 1964-Present 2 TC  
Vital Statistics       The County is the primary point of contact for birth and death certificates
  Birth Records 1872-1934 0.1 CY, TC RESTRICTED--kept in TC vault
  Marriage Records 1901-Present 5 TC RESTRICTED--kept in TC vault, oversize bound volumes
Zoning Files, Change of (Ordinances) 1953-Present 0.5 TC 1953-1962 old bound volumes separate from local law book, 1964-Present included in local laws
Totals for Historical Records (Dates and Cubic Footage) 1776-Present 52.3


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