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Historical Records
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Town of Geddes Clerk Archival Records Listing

The Town of Geddes was established in the year 1832. It has an approximate size of 12.7 square miles. It is located on the west side of Onondaga Lake. The main route of travel is State Route 690. Within the Town is the world famous New York State Fairgrounds. It is divided into three communities, Lakeland, Solvay and Westvale. In 1793, a schoolteacher from Pennsylvania named James Geddes came to this location, and a year later, started his salt works industry. After 1820, when the Erie Canal connected Buffalo, Geddes and Rome, industries grew and so did the local population. In 1881, the now famous Solvay Process was built, and was responsible for much of the areas growth. In the late 1800’s, Geddes was mainly a farming community, supported by close to 60 farms. Residents enjoyed Onondaga Lake for its many resorts, and received boat transportation from the Geddes Pier, to and from these resorts. The Government of New York selected Geddes as the permanent site of the New York State Fair held every August.

Series Title Years Cubic Footage Department Comments
Architectural Drawings, Maps, Plans & Photos 1954,1993 0.6 TC Town Hall addition/alteration
Assessment Rolls, Final 1992-Present 5 AS  
Audit, NYS Comptrollers 1980's-1999 4 CP  
Bonds and Notes 1924-1990 4.5 CP  
Building Condemnation and Demolition Files   1 CE  
Census Records   0.2 TC Includes Certificate of Population
Community Development & Urban Renewal (Subdivision Records) 1987-1992 0.3 CP Shape-up Program
Correspondence or Administrative Files 1949-Present 12 TC Arranged chronologically by subject
District Reference Files        
image Sewer 1960-Present 7 TC  
  Water (Lakeland) 1973-Present 4 TC  
Economic & Industrial Development 1972-Present 4 AS Allied Chemical /Corporations
Election Records 1984-Present 0.5 TC  
Electric and Gas Utility Records 1990-1997 5.5 TC Geddes Power, Syracuse Power
Equalization Rate Certificates 1980-1992 0.2 AS  
Grants and Awards 1994-Present 1.1 TC Contact Records Management Officer for more information
Laws, Local 1966-Present 1 TC  
Library Incorporation and Chartering Records 1985 0.1 TC Lakeland Library--For more information contact Village of Solvay
  Flood Insurance 1911-Present 0.1 AS  
Property Record Cards 1985-Present 4 AS most current in held in AS office, arranged alphabetically
  Planning Board 1983-Present 0.3 TC  
  Town Board 1896-Present 5 TC Audio tapes available for 1984-Present, other years bound volumes
  Zoning Board of Appeal 1985-1997 0.5 TC  
Oaths of Office 1901-Present 0.2 TC Missing vol. 24-52 (yrs 1924-1952), old bound volumes
Permits, Building 1980-1997 1 AS  
Personnel 1985-Present 14 CP Timecards/Payroll
Plans, Disaster Preparedness 1990 0.1 CE  
Publications, Official        
  Maps of Town of Geddes   1 TC  
  Zoning Book   1 TC  
Real Property Assessment Record Card 1993-Present 2 AS See Tax Rolls
Real Property Tax Records 1908 0.2 TR Bound volumes"
Reappraisal, Mass Final Records 1994, 1998 2 AS Revals
  Environmental Impact Reports 1986-1997 0.4 AS  
  Financial Reports, Annual 1978-Present 2 AS  
Rights-of-Way Records 1988-1989   AS Deeds & sales, arranged chronologically by tax map #
School District Records 1912-1914 0.2 TR School Tax, 2 bound volumes, poor condition
Tax Rolls 1955-Present 46 TC  
Television Records 1964-Present 1 TC CATV& Onondaga Video, Syracuse Cable System
Vital Statistics        
  Marriage Records 1981-Present 3 TC  
Totals for Historical Records (Dates and Cubic Footage) 1896- Present 135



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