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Town of Marcellus Clerk Archival Records Listing

The Town of Marcellus was established in the year 1794. It has an approximate size of 35 square miles. It is located on the lower west side of Onondaga County, between the town of Skaneateles and the Town of Onondaga, in the valley, roughly 13 miles from Syracuse. The main routes of travel are State Routes 174 and 175. The present village is about one tenth of its original size. It was originally made up of the Towns of Marcellus, Camillus, Elbridge, Van Buren, Skaneateles, Geddes and parts of Spafford, Otisco, Onondaga and the western half of Syracuse. Two industries that employed many people were Stone Mills and Woolen Mills. Today, Marcellus is a great example of a nice town, with residents such as college professors, writers, artists and other professionals. It has an exceptional government, great schools, fine churches and many delightful shops.

Series Title Years Cubic Footage Department Comments
Application, Heritage Area 1958-Present 8 SV Arranged chronologically, Finding Aid: Inventory/Box list
Assessment Rolls, Final 1981-1987 5 AS  
Audit, NYS Comptrollers 1899-Present 0.5 AC Some gaps--1899-1904, 1923, 1945-Present
Bonds and Notes 1936-1938 1.5 TC Register of Bond, Short-term notes/certificates of indebtedness
Budget, Annual or Special 1947-Present 0.5 AC Arranged chronologically
Docket Books 1830-1831, 1935-Present 50 JS RESTRICTED
Capitol Construction Corporate Trust & Serial Bonds 1901-Present 1 AC  
Cash Books 1912-Present 2 TC 1912-1915, 1938-Present,
Cemetery and Burial Records (Burial Permits) 1926-1966 0.5 TC RESTRICTED--Highland Cemetery, St. Francis Xavier Cemetery, Finding Aid: Inventory Sheet
Claims, Legal 1943-1959 1 TC Record of Claims Received
Correspondence Files (General Correspondence Files) 1917-Present 1.5 SV, TC Arranged chronologically, 1960-1986 kept by TC
Deeds, Petitions & Contract Bill of Sales (Early) 1825-1926 0.1 TC  
Election Records 1923-Present 10 TC Includes Voter registration records 1943-1957
Environmental Health Records 1970-Present 2 SV  
Equalization Rate Certificates 1982 0.4 TC See Plans, Specs & Maps
Franchise Certificates, Special 1932-1948 0.5 SV Missing 1945-1947
Grants and Awards 1989 1 TC Finding Aid: computerized inventory
Highway Records 1830-Present 4 AC, SV Account Books, Payroll, Misc. Files, Finding Aid: Inventory/Box List, Arranged chronologically
Journal Entry Books 1914-Present 37 AC Gaps in years, Finding Aid: Inventory/Box list
Maps, Tax 1982-1987 1 TC See Plans, Specs & Maps
Community Council 1947-1971 1 SV Minutes of community council meetings
  Town Board 1830-Present 3 TC 1830-1901, 1920-Present, 1830-1935--handwritten, 1936-Present--typed
Mortgages, Chattel 1859-1943 1.7 TC Arranged chronologically,
Naturalization 1896, 1901 0.1 TC  
Oaths of Office 1902-Present 0.3 TC Kept in Town Hall Meeting room vault
Overseers of the Poor & Welfare Records 1933-1938 0.25 TC  
Permits, Building 1984-Present 11 CE Arranged Alphabetically by street name, sections by property #
Personnel 1941-1982 1 AC Payroll
Real Property Tax Rolls Records 1911-Present 13 AS 10 bound volumes arranged chronologically and by tax map #, 1911-1912,1915-1916,1928-Present
  Supervisor's Reports, Annual 1942-Present 0.5 SV Arranged Chronologically, some gaps in years
School District Records 1830-1955 1.25 TC Finding Aid: Inventory, 1830-88, 1927-1955,1945-1951
Sheep killing, Records of 1896-1903 0.1 SV  
Strays & Marks 1830-1899 0.25 TC 1 ledger
Supervisor's School Monies Account Book 1905-1915 0.25 SV  
Tax Rolls 1982-Present 1 TC  
Vital Statistics        
  Birth Records 1877-1914 0.1 TC RESTRICTED, Finding Aid: Inventory, delayed registration
  Marriage Records 1908-Present 2 TC RESTRICTED, Finding Aid: Inventory, arranged chronologically
Vouchers, Cash Receipts 1850-1932 1 AC Finding Aid: Inventory, arranged chronologically
Zoning Board of Appeal 1954-Present 2 PV Binders
Totals for Historical Records (Dates and Cubic Footage) 1825-Present 167.3

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