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Historical Records
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Village of Manlius Clerk Archival Records Listing

The Village of Manlius was established in 1839. It was the 1st village organized in Onondaga County (1813). It is approximately 1.71 square miles. It is located southeast of Syracuse and south of Fayetteville. The village is part of the larger Town of Manlius, established by the state in 1794. The name Manlius was bestowed by the state Surveyor General's office and refers to the roman general, Titus Manlius Imperiouses Torquatus. Many veterans of the American Revolution were drawn from the stony New England farms to the fertile land found here and the cemetery is said to contain more early military veterans than any other single Onondaga County location. Today's industries, mostly relate to electronics and furniture manufacturing, and occupy the former local fairgrounds and mill sites off West Seneca Street and a former gravel bed.
Source: http://www.villageofmanlius.org/history.html, and http://www.placesnamed.com/m/a/manlius.asp

Series Title


Cubic Ft.


Architectural Drawings, maps, Plans & Photos 1962-1965 9 VC Tract Maps
Assessment Rolls, Final        
Tax Rolls 1937-1943 1 VC Assessment & Tax Rolls
  Assessment 0-1988 10 VC  
  Taxation Assessment 1969-1999 60 VC Tax Rolls
Audit, NYS Comptrollers        
  Audits 1970-1976 10 VC  
  Audit Report 1949-1972 2 VC Report of Audit
Bonds and Notes        
  Bond Issue 1981, 1983 6 VC Includes: BANS Village Centre, Village Centre & Rec Bldg Roofs
  Bonds 1965-1967 0.1 VC  
Budget, Village        
  Budget 1960-1999 3 VC  
  Subsidiary Ledger 1985-Present 70 VC Includes Sewer Fund, General Funds, Capital Accounts, Trust & Agency, and S G Subsidiary Ledgers
  Receipt Books 1992-1997 5 VC, PD  
  Receipt Books - Bail 1986-1991 10 VC, PD  
  Receipt Books - Fines 1985-1995 10 VC, PD  
Capitol Construction / Public Improvement Project        
  Capital Construction 1954-Present 79 VC Includes Public Building, Park, Sidewalk, Utility, and Road construction and repair and applicable documentation
Case Files, Planning and Review 1946-1954, 1959-Present 16 VC Includes Various Public, Private, and Commercial Development Plans.
Claims, Legal 1982-1984 10 VC Lawsuits
Community Development & Urban Renewal 1980-1996 10 VC Includes HUD Printouts for Rental Assistance. See also Plans, Annual, Long Range Comprehensive
Court Records 1980-1986 30 VC Includes ACD, DWI & DWAI Records
Economic & Industrial Development 1961-1970, 1981 1 VC Includes NYS Economic Development, Traffic Signals & Signs (1961-1970)
Election Records 1980-Present 30 VC Includes Candidate & Voting Record, and Results
Federal Aid-Revenue Sharing Program Records        
  Federal Revenue Sharing 1987-1989 0.2 VC Subsidiary Ledger
Government Establishment and Reorganization Files 1943-1952 10 VC  
Highway and Transportation Structure History file (Dept of Trans) 1992, 1993 0.1 VC Includes Highway Improvement Contract and Projects
Historian Collections, Local 1958-1979 0.1 VC Waterfowl at Swan Pond
Laws, Local 1886-1964, 1966-1989 10 VC Includes Zoning Ordinances (1971) and Record of Ordinance (1886-1964)
Permit Files, Special ( List Separately) 1928-1963 5 VC Operational Permits for Street Lighting
Personnel 1989-1997 0.2 VC Includes Fire Dept Rosters
Plans, Annual, Final or Long Range Comprehensive (list Separately)        
  Water Shed Study 1961-1979   VC Limestone Flood Control
  Summary Record 1987-1989   VC Revitalization Study
Public Works        
  Water Supply 1831-1979, 1985-Present 30 VC Includes Various Water & Sewer Permit Files, Contracts, and Flood Control & Construction Files.
Public Transportation Files        
  Capital Transportation Improvement 1964 1 VC Thermold Dr. Dedication
Real Property Acquisition Files        
  Property Acquisition 1865-1989, Present 13 VC Includes Easements, and Deeds of Various Properties
  Annual Report 1951-Present 20 VC  
Special Franchise Records 1920-1986 10 VC Includes Newchannels Cable TV, and Special Lighting Districts
Special Events 1988-1995 10 VC Fourth of July/Independence Day
Address Change Records, Street 1975 6 VC Record of Changes of Street Names
  Tax Rolls, Warrant Copy 1931-1939, 1944-1969, Present 60 VC  
  Tax Sale Certificates 1958-1980 1 VC Refers to the Summary Record
  Tax Lien Sale 1981-1982 4 VC Includes Various Lots
  Tax Rate Records 1956-1979, 1987-1992 0.5 VC Constitutional Debt
Zoning 1960 0.5 VC See also Local laws
Totals for Historical Records (Village of Manlius)

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