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Historical Records
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Town of Skaneateles Clerk Archival Records Listing

The Town of Skaneateles was established in 1830, with an approximate size of 36.8 square miles. The Village of Skaneateles was incorporated on April 19, 1833 and is approximately 2.4 square miles in size. This community has a rather serene-like setting all around, as well as a 16 mile crystal-clear pure water lake that extends it’s invitation year round. You may enjoy a dinner cruise on the lake, fish for bass or trout, sail or just hang out at the village swimming area. The downtown district includes shops and galleries in buildings said to be over one hundred and sixty years old. You may enjoy just browsing, visiting the extensive Historical Society museum, or shopping for various items such as unique foods, original artwork, distinctive fashions or antiques. There are many fine and casual restaurants or taverns to choose from, as well as year round activities for all to enjoy. This beautiful finger-lake region Town and Village just may be the perfect place for your home, business, or profession.

Series Title Years Cubic Footage Department Comments
Architectural Drawings, Maps, Plans & Photos 1957- Present 6 TC Allyn Arena, Sims Bldg at Austin Park, Town Hall
Assessment Roll 1856 0.1 TC Located in TC vault, old bound volume
Audit NYS Comptrollers 1942-1984 0.5 TC 1984-1991 and more recent years located in TC office
Board of Education Minutes 1905-1939 0.2 TC Skaneateles Falls District #19
Bonds and Notes 1969-1991 2.1 TC 1991-1999 and more recent years located in TC office
Budget, Annual or Special (Town Budget)   5 TC Box #168
Bldg Condemnation and Demolition Files 1966-Present   TC Included in Bldg permit files (1966-Present)
Case Files, Legal 1967-Present 66 TC Murphy, Bryant, attorney files, inactive files, current files located at JS dept.
Case Index, Legal 1861-1978 14 JS See Justice Dept., Poor condition
Cash Books 1924-1968 9 TC  
Census Records 1930-Present 0.5 TC 1990 in TC office, certificate of population included in census records
Claims, Legal 1967-Present 1 JS See Attorney files--search by name
Community Development and Urban Renewal 1972-Present 1 TC Subdivision Records included in Zoning Records, Austin Park 1976
  Daybook 1847 0.1 TC Old bound volume, poor condition
District Reference Files 1972-1989 0.3 TC Agricultural District files only, 1990-Present kept in TC office
Election Records 1924-1991 7 TC 1991-Present kept in TC vault, includes Notices of Election and Referendums
Electric and Gas Utility Records 1968-1990 1 TC Niagara Mohawk, See TC Correspondence #117)
Equalization Rate Certificates 1954, 1967-Present 1 AS  
Grants and Awards Records 1967-Present 0.3 TC TC, Attorney, Budget
Hazardous Waste Disposal Records 1968-1996 2 TC Landfill records and landfill closure records
Highway and Transportation Structure History File 1968-Present   TC See TC Files, most current kept in TC office
Highway Survey Minutes 1836 0.1 TC Surveys of town roads, old bound volume, poor condition
History Ledgers 1969-Present 13 BK  
Historian Collections, local 1796- Present 89 HS The Historical Society Museum (Creamery)has many artifacts, records, and displays. Winter: Friday 1-4pm, Summer: Thurs, Fri, & Sat 1-4pm
Inventory, Natural Resource 1970-Present   TC Mining/Excavating Records only, See Town board minute books
Law Enforcement Case Investigation Files 1952-Present 6 JS, TC Criminal/ Civil cases, 1952-1996 kept by TC, 1996-Present kept by JS
Law Enforcement Incident Summary Records 1970-1994   TC See TC Files, 1994-Present in TC office
Laws, Local 1966-Present 1 TC Code book, Ordinance book (arranged alphabetically) in TC office
Manual of Procedures 1980, 1996 0.3 TC Substance-Free Workplace Policy, Employee handbook--see Town Board Minute books
Maps, Flood Insurance 1982 0.1 TC In TC office
Maps, Tax 1982-1987 1 AS 1982-Present maps in AS Office
Minutes, Planning Board 1971-Present 2 PV  
Minutes, Town Board 1830-Present 12 TC  
Minutes, Zoning Board of Appeal 1971-Present 3 PV  
Oaths of Office 1936-Present 0.5 TC Located in TC vault, old bound volumes
Officials, Listing of 1936-Present   TC Included in Town Board Minute books in TC vault
Permits Files, Building 1966-2001 14 PV 2000-Present located in P&D office
Personnel 1962-Present 4 BK Payroll, Timecards, for 2000-Present see Budget officers' office
Plans, Comprehensive Plan 1974-Present 11 PV  
Plans, Disaster Preparedness 1969 0.1 TC 911 system, discussion of creation of disaster preparedness plan in Town Board Minutes
Publications, Official        
  Comprehensive Plan Book 1974-1996 0.3 TC  
  Town Newsletter   0.1 TC  
  Recreation Brochure   0.2 TC  
  Zoning Code Book 1966 0.4 TC  
Real Property Acquisition Files 1962-Present 11 AS Tax Dept
Reappraisal, Mass Final Records 1992,1998-Present 0.2 AS  
  Supervisor's Reports, Final Annual 1921-Present 4 TC  
Street and Address Change Records 1976-Present 2 AS  
Tax Rolls 1906-Present 41 AS  
Town Board of Health 1941-1965 0.1 TC 11 pages
Town Clerk Files (Correspondence) 1968-Present 22 TC  
Veteran's Records 1995 0.5 TC  
Vital Statistics     TC Located in TC vault -- most current 75 yrs Restricted
  Birth Records 1882-1903 0.5 TC  
  Death Records 1883-1910 0.3 TC  
  Marriage Records 1881-Present 2 TC  
Zoning Records (Zoning Ordinance) 1953-1954, 1966-Present 3 PV Some in Attorney Files, includes Zoning Violations
Zoning Variance 1987-Present 9 PV 2000
Totals for Historical Records (Dates and Cubic Footage) 1796-Present 370.8

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