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Historical Records
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Town of Manlius Clerk Archival Records Listing

The Town of Manlius was officially created on March 5, 1794 by the New York State Legislature. It was one of the original 11 towns in Onondaga County that stretched in those days from the Madison/Chenango county line west to Geneva and from Lake Ontario to the southern tip of Seneca Lake, four times the present size of Onondaga County. The names of Manlius residents were the first on the petition to create the new county and Manlius residents were among the earliest county officials elected.

Series Title Years Cubic Footage Department Comments
Appraisal, Accessioning or Transfer of Archival Record Files 1998-2000 0.1 TC Kept in locked secure vault, manual procedures
Assessment Rolls 1902-Present 52 TC Includes Tax Rolls
Audit, NYS Comptrollers 1943-1978 0.5 TC 1943, 1968-1978
Bonds and Notes 1919-Present 2.5 TC Others kept upstairs in TC vault
Budget, Annual or Special 1972-Present 6 TC  
Burial Permits 1900-1964 2 TC  
Case Files, Legal 1940's-Present 10 TC Old sealed Case Files, Albright vs. Town of Manlius (1969)
Case Files, Planning Review 1950's-Present 26 PV, PL See also Planning Board
Civil Service Examination and Announcement Records 1970's-Present 1 TC Kept in Town Clerk's vault
Civil War/WWII Records 1768-1963 1 TC  
Civil War/ Seamen 1861-1865 0.5 TC  
Community Development & Urban Renewal 1950's-Present 20 TC Subdivision Records
Correspondence and Administrative Files 1938 14 TC  
District Reference Files        
Fire 1964-Present 2 TC  
Docket Sheets 1875-Present 37 JS Most current in JS Office
Election Records 1949-1995 6 TC Sample Ballots, Notices of Election, Referendums, and Voter Registration included, 1949, 1956-1995
Electric and Gas Utility Records 1930's-Present 10 TC  
Environmental Health Records 1950's-Present 25 TC  
Equalization Rate Certificates 1977 1 TC  
Grants and Awards 1990-Present 1 TC  
Hazardous Waste Disposal Records 1960's-Present 7 PV  
Highway and Transportation Structure History File 1800's-Present 6 TC  
Historic Preservation Records 1700's-Present 10 TC, HS See also Town Historian
Historical Exhibit 1869-1994 0.5 TC  
Historian Collections, Local 1872-1950's 5 TC News articles, photos, tax notices, scrapbooks, school reports, war news
Historical Maps 1788-1860 2 TC List in drawer
History Book of Onondaga City 1615-1984 1 TC Centennial Books/ Municipal code
Incorporation of Village of Minoa 1837-1963 1 TC  
Inventory, Natural Resource 1960's-Present   PV Included in Zoning Files
Journal 1899-1924 0.5 TC  
Laws, Local 1944-1986 1 TC  
Logs 1960's-Present 4 TC  
Manual of Procedures 1998-Present 0.1 TC  
  Flood Insurance 1960's-1970's 1 TC  
  Tax 1968-Present 6 TC  
  Zoning 1950-Present 8 PV  
  Town Board 1958-1996 6 TC Audio tapes of voice conversations
  Zoning Board of Appeal 1954-Present 10 TC  
Mortgages, Chattel & Conditional Sales 1881-1964 12.8 TC Bound volumes, legal size papers, chronologically arranged
Oaths of Office 1927-Present 0.5 TC See also Town Board Minute books
Opinions, Legal 1933-1983 1 TC  
Overseers of the Poor & Welfare Records 1860's 0.25 TC Civil War
Permit Files, Building 1958-Present 10 TC  
Property Record Cards 1930's-Present 70 PV  
Publications, Official 1950's-Present 4 TC  
Real Property Acquisition Files 1958-Present 8 TC  
Real Property Assessment Record Card 1958-Present 8 TC  
Real Property Tax Lien Records 1958-Present 4 TC  
Reappraisal, Mass Final Records 1960's-Present 5 TC  
Rights-Of-Way Records 1940's-Present 5 TC  
School District Records 1897-1965 0.5 TC  
Special Franchise 1800's-Present 8 TC  
Tax Rolls 1931-1965 4.2 AS School Tax Roll
Veteran's Records 1960's-Present 8 TC  
Vital Statistics        
  Birth Records 1905-1975 0.5 TC RESTRICTED
  Marriage Records 1887-1906 0.5 TC RESTRICTED----Kept in Town Clerk vault
Zoning Files, Change of 1950's-Present 40 PV  
Zoning Variance or Special Permit Files 1938-Present 6 TC  
Zoning Violations 1958-Present 10 TC  
Totals for Historical Records (Dates and Cubic Footage) 1615- Present 492.95

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