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Historical Records
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Town of LaFayette Clerk Archival Records Listing

The Town of LaFayette was formed on April 15, 1825. It was named after the Marquis de La Fayette, who was passing through here at that time in early June. He was a young and wealthy french statesman and general. The Town is part of the Military Tracts awarded to Revolutionary Soldiers of that era. Part of the town was bought from the Onondagas in 1817, and sold to settlers in 1822. East of the central ridge is Sherman Hollow, called after James Sherman, and west of it Christian Hollow, after Michael Christian, a soldier who drew Lot 18, Tuller, on Onondaga creek in that town.

Series Title Years Cubic Footage Department Comments
Architectural Drawings, Maps, Plans & Photos 1990 1 TC  
Assessment Rolls, Final 1981-Present 10 AS  
Audit, NYS Comptrollers 1918-1988, 1992, 1994 7 TC 1918-1988, 1992, 1994
Bonds and Notes 1995 0.3 TC Water District
Budget, Town 1960-Present 2 TC  
Cash Books 1849-Present 2 TC  
Census Records 1966-Present 3 TC  
Civil Service Examination and Announcement Records 1968, 1994, 1998 2 TC  
Community Development & Urban Renewal 1976-Present 3 TC  
Correspondence or Administrative Files 1957-Present 4 TC 1957-1964, 1990-Present
District Reference Files        
Fire 1966-Present 1 TC  
  Water 1965-Present 4 TC  
Election Records 1972-Present 2 TC  
Electric and Gas Utility Records 1963-Present 3 TC Niagara Mohawk
Equalization Rate, Certificates of 1982-1989 1 TC  
Grants and Awards 1991, 1992, 1993 1 SV, TC  
Hazardous Waste Disposal Records 1977-Present 5 TC Landfill Records/ Disposal sites quarter only reports
Inventory, Natural Resource 1988 1 TC Mining
Library Incorporation and Chartering Records 1964-1997 1 TC Municipal
Local Historical Collections 1966-Present 3 TC Scrapbook, Manuscript, Society
Laws, Local 1953-Present 2 TC Kept in TC vault, Ordinances included
Logs 1988-Present 3 TC  
  Flood Insurance 1984 0.2 TC  
  Tax 1994-1996 0.6 AS  
  Zoning 1970   TC  
  Planning Board 1958-Present 1 PB  
  Town Board 1892-Present 4 TC Kept in TC vault
  Zoning Board of Appeal 1958-Present 3 ZB  
Oaths of Office   1 TC  
Personnel 1964-Present 2 BK  
Plans, Disaster Preparedness 1983, 1993-1994 1 TC  
Plans, Environmental Protection and Resource 1978-Present 2 TC  
Property Record Cards 1940-1974 4 AS  
Publications, Official 1988 0.5 TC  
Real Property Acquisition Files 1989   TC  
Real Property Tax Lien Records 1977-Present   TC  
Referendum Records 1988 0.1 TC  
  Financial Reports, Annual 1964-Present 1 AS, BK, TC 1964-Present, 1997, 1998
Rights-of-Way Records (Easements) 1990 0.2 TC  
Street and Address Change Records (includes 911)     HW Also contact Highway Dept.
  Subdivision Records 1965-1979 2 TC  
Tax Rolls 1871-Present   TC  
Television Records, Large Public Access 1983-1986, 1995-1996, 1999 1 TC 1983-1986, 1995-1996, 1999
Veteran's Exemption Records, Also WWII, Vietnam, and honorable Veteran's Records 1994-1997 1 TC also Vietnam, WWII and honorable veteran's records
Vital Statistics        
  Birth Records 1886-1890 0.5 TC RESTRICTED
  Marriage Records 1848-Present 2 TC RESTRICTED, kept in TC vault
Zoning Files, Change of 1984   TC Coye & Apulia
Zoning Variance or Special Permit Files 1959-Present 24 TC  
Zoning Violations 1976-1987   TC  
Totals for Historical Records (Dates and Cubic Footage) 1848- Present 112.4

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