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Historical Records
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Town of Tully Clerk Archival Records Listing

Following the Revolutionary War, the upstate New York area was organized into Military Tracts. The name Tully is derived from the middle name of ancient Roman statesman Marcus Tullius Cicero(Jan. 3, 106 - Dec. 7, 43 BC). The town of Tully is the home of beautiful natural landscapes and a warm, small-town atmosphere which emphasizes family and community. Our productive farms, top-notch school system, and numerous community activities make Tully an excellent place to live and work. Tully can be reached by Interstate 81 (exit 14). Syracuse is about 18 miles to the north, and Binghamton about 50 miles to the south.

Series Title Years Cubic Footage Department Comments
Architectural Drawings, Maps, Plans & Photos 1991 0.2 TC Current Town Hall
Atlas, Town 1871 0.3 TC Old bound volume, poor condition
Assessment Rolls, Final 1986-Present 3 TC  
Atlas of Cortland 1876 0.3 TC Old bound volume, poor condition
Atlas of Onondaga County 1874 0.3 TC Old bound volume, poor condition
Audit, NYS Comptrollers 1986-1996 0.2 TC 1986, 1988, 1991, 1996
Bonds and Notes 1993, 1995 0.1 TC, F$ For more information contact Financial Officer
Budget, Town 1987-Present 0.2 TC  
Case Files, Legal 1997-2000 4 TC Valley Reality/Cellular One
Cash Book 1965-Present 3 TC  
Census Records 1990, 2000 0.5 TC  
Community Development & Urban Renewal 1977-Present 3 TC Subdivision Records
Correspondence or Administrative Files 1955-Present 4 TC Kept in TC vault, see individual files
District Reference Files        
Fire 1994-1995 2 TC  
Elections, Annual 1804-1818, 1846 0.3 TC Old bound volume
Election Records 1986-Present 1 TC Notices of Election included
Electors, Register of 1901 0.5 TC paperback pamphlet, oversize
Electric and Gas Utility Records 1988-Present 7 TC For more information contact Supervisor's Dept.
Grants and Awards 1998-1999 0.2 TC 3-ring notebook
Highway records 1855   TC At TC in Bottom drawer
Laws (Local) 1977-Present 0.5 TC 3-ring notebook, table of contents
  Flood Insurance   0.4 TC  
  Tax   2 TC  
  Zoning 1958-Present 2 TC  
  Planning Board 1988-Present 1 TC, TA Some Audio tapes, some 3-ring notebooks. Some records are also at lawyers office.
  Town Board 1803 -1847 & 1920 - Present 2 TC 1920-1947 are missing. All current records are in a fire proof file cabinet at the TC office.
Mortgages, Book of 1849 0.3 TC Kept in TC vault, old bound volume, poor condition
Mortgages, Chattel 1850-1898 0.2 TC Kept in TC vault, old bound volume, poor condition
Mortgages, Chattel 1934-1964 1 TC 3 bound volumes
Oaths of Office 1959-Present 0.3 TC Bound volumes
Plans, Disaster Preparedness 1993 0.1 TC  
Property Record Cards 1984 1 TC  
Publications, Official        
  Town Zoning Book   0.5 TC  
Reappraisal, Mass Final Records 1997-1998 2 TC Organized by Tax Map #, Revaluations
  Environmental Impact Reports 1988-Present 1 TC  
  Financial Reports, Annual 1988-Present 8 TC For more information see Supervisor's Records
School District Records 1801-1844 0.2 TC 1 old bound volume, in a fire proof file cabinet at TC
Special Franchise Records (Time Warner Cable Records) 1995 0.1 TC  
Tax Rolls 1942-Present 13 TC  
Vital Statistics        
  Birth Records 1847 - 1848 0.5 TC At TC in Bottom drawer
  Death Records 1848   TC At TC in Bottom drawer, Poor condition, difficult to read
  Marriage Records 1882-Present 2 TC RESTRICTED
Zoning 1986-Present 1 TC  
Zoning Board of Appeal 1998-Present 0.5 TC  
Totals for Historical Records (Dates and Cubic Footage) 1801-Present 69.7

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