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Employee of the Month

We would like to acknowledge and congratulate

our August Employee of the Month


Todd W. Hildreth

(Public Safety Dispatcher)


On August 13, 2017 at approximately 03:51 hours while working as the SFD TA you answered a 911 call from a female reporting that a subject or subjects were in her house.  She advised you there were children in the house and that her husband was yelling at the parties to get out of the house.  You quickly obtained the address information and entered a CAD event for dispatch.


The caller further stated that the individuals were downstairs and that her husband had a gun (for which he had a permit) and was going downstairs.  You wisely advised the caller to tell her husband not to go downstairs, but rather to stay upstairs to protect his family.


You continued to obtain information from the caller, including the exact location of her, her children and her husband.  You assured the caller that the police were on the way, while making sure her husband stayed upstairs and the family was safe.


You advised the caller that when the police arrived you would be providing her specific directions for her family to follow to keep them safe from the intruders and allow police to do their job.  Upon arrival of the police you instructed the caller to have her husband secure his weapon as to not cause any distractions to the police.


Your calm, professional demeanor helped to assure that the caller and her family stayed safe and your providing updated information was vital in assisting the police in making an arrest.  Your good judgment, experience and professionalism reflects positively on the Department of Emergency Communications.




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