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Sanitary Sewer Unit Charge


The sanitary sewer unit charge is a user fee billed to all properties located in the Consolidated Sanitary District (CSD).

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Sewer unit charges are included on Onondaga County's Property Tax Bills.


Pursuant to the Onondaga County Administrative Code Section 11.79 and Resolution No. 563-1978, properties are assessed a sewer unit charge based on the following classifications:


Residential Flat-rate unit based on the number of residences




Units are based on the property's water consumption, or one unit per commercial space, whichever is greater with a minimum of one unit
Mixed-Use Properties (Commercial with Residential Units) Units based on water consumption or the total of 1 unit per commercial space plus 3/4 unit per residence

One sewer unit is equal to 105,000 gallons.


Single family households are charged one unit per year. Multiple-family dwellings (such as apartments) are charged 0.75 units per dwelling (i.e., a two-family house receives a total charge of 1.5 units).




Why did my bill increase?

  • There may be several reasons for a bill increase.
    • The number of gallons per sewer unit has decreased from 110,000 in 2023 to 105,000 for 2024.
    • Water consumption has increased.
    • Tax parcels may have historically been underbilled.

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How is water consumption calculated?

  • WEP receives select water account information (owner name, property address, meter readings) from the Onondaga County Water Authority, Town of Clay Uniform Water District, Village of Baldwinsville Water Department, and the Town of Dewitt Water Department. WEP ties that water account information to the Onondaga County Real Property Tax ID using the property's address. Units are calculated by taking the sum of the property's water consumption in gallons and dividing by the number of gallons per sewer unit. (Current gallons per sewer unit = 105,000)

What if my apartments are vacant?

  • Fixed charges are assessed to all properties within the CSD to recover capital and operational costs associated with providing wastewater conveyance (sewers and pump stations) and treatment (wastewater treatment plants). Because sewer service cannot be turned off and is always available, all properties in the sanitary district are charged a minimum fee.

I no longer have apartments in my building. What can I do?

  • Contact your local assessor to ensure that your property is correctly classified. Your local assessor is an officer or employee of the town of city where your property is located.

I am on septic. Will I still be charged?

  • County sewer charges are only assessed to users of the sanitary system with a sewer connection. Properties that utilize a private septic system are not billed. If, for any reason, a private septic system fails and sewer service is available and accessible, then hookup will be mandatory in accordance with public health codes.
  • If you are on septic but received a sewer unit charge, please click here to file a Sewer Unit Bill inquiry.




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