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Laboratory—knowing the water is safe
The WEP lab is a state-of-the-art facility.
The WEP lab is a state-of-the-art facility.

Our community needs to know how our local water environment is doing—for health, recreation, and economic reasons. We need to ensure that we comply with Federal, State, and local government environmental regulations. We need to ensure the protection and improvement of the quality of our fresh water resources.

What role does the WEP Environmental Laboratory play in meeting these needs and serving our community?

To help meet these goals we measure chemical pollutants and substances found in industrial discharges that go into our local environment. We monitor and measure wastewater treatment facilities to ensure they meet established guidelines and permits.

We analyze ground water and runoff samples that may affect the quality of our surrounding waters. We monitor soils and sediments that may contain contaminates or pollutants. And, we monitor our streams and lakes through an extensive program of collection and analyses for environmental parameters.

These are some of the laboratory's tasks:

  • To help keep our wastewater treatment plants running smoothly, the laboratory regularly analyzes process control samples.
  • To meet federal and state requirements, the laboratory analyzes influent and effluent (the treated wastewater that is returned to the environment) samples from all County wastewater treatment facilities.
  • The lab analyzes solids and semisolid waste for process control.
  • The laboratory collects and analyses freshwater samples from Onondaga Lake and tributary streams throughout the lake's watershed. Its dedicated staff supports the county's Ambient Monitoring Program by measuring specific water quality parameters to help to assess current conditions and supporting data for future improvements.
  • The lab analyzes samples of industrial wastewater so you can be sure it is meeting County regulations for discharges to the sewer system. This information also affects WEP's unit charge and surcharge programs that provide the funds for WEP's valuable services to businesses and residents.
  • The laboratory provides a valuable resource to WEP to assist and support its current and future goals.

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