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How Do I Recycle or Dispose of ...? Wipes
  No matter what they are called, wet wipes, baby wipes, or moist towelettes, are bad for the sewer system. These bad boys clog pipes and pumps, and are generally loathed by our sewer maintenance men and women because of the problems that they cause. It just goes to show you that even though something may be “flushable,” you shouldn’t do it.

What can I do?
• Always dispose of wipes in the trash. NOT the toilet.

For more information:
Can the Wipes is a great education and outreach effort by our Clean Water Services friends in Oregon. Watch the humorous video!

Our friends at saveyourpipes.org have a fun and informative video called "What the Flush" about baby wipes. Click here to visit their excellent web site and learn more about what should and should not be flushed.

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