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2010 Development Guide

The Onondaga County 2010 Development Guide provides general goals and policies that guide municipal and County officials who are making land use and economic development decisions that ultimately affect the community-at-large.

It is based on the Framework for Growth in Onondaga County, a report that examines County-wide conditions and trends.

The 2010 Development Guide emphasizes the following policies:

Planning Process

  • Conduct coordinated project reviews
  • Consider natural resources, environmental constraints, and infrastructure costs

Urbanized Areas

  • Invest in existing communities
  • Redevelop obsolete and vacant sites
  • Protect and maintain existing infrastructure
  • Create urban and suburban settlement patterns and densities
  • Preserve transportation assets
  • Expand infrastructure for job creation

Rural Areas

  • Protect the rural economy, agriculture, and access to natural resources
  • Promote sustainable land development practices
  • Encourage compact development in rural areas

These documents, adopted by the County Legislature in 1998, are currently being updated to analyze changing demographic information, reflect on development activity since the last plan, cite new economic development, housing and environmental goals, and develop new policies for sustainable growth.

The Onondaga County Settlement Plan and related smart growth principles will be utilized in creating the new plan. Please visit this page for periodic updates as the plan progresses.

Please contact us with any questions, comments or suggestions on the new County Plan.


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