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GML 239 Reviews


What Makes a Referral Complete?

Once a proposed action is determined to be referable, a complete referral package must be submitted to the OCPB for review prior to a decision being made by the local board. It is the responsibility of the local board reviewing the project to submit the project to the County for review, not the applicant.


The following items are required for a referral to be considered complete:

  • A fully completed Referral Notice prepared by an appropriate municipal official.
  • A copy of a local application as required by the referring municipal board.
  • A survey, site plan and/or subdivision plan.                     
  • A completed SEQR Environmental Assessment Form (EAF) and related materials.
  • Any additional information that would facilitate review of the proposed action, such as meeting minutes, other submission materials, etc.


How to Submit a Referral

The OCPB will accept referral materials that are in digital or paper format.


Referrals in digital format are strongly encouraged and may be submitted to the OCPB by:

Contact the Onondaga County Department of Planning for more information about working with SharePoint or read through frequently asked questions in the guide to the right.


Referrals in paper format may be submitted to the OCPB by:

  • Hand delivery or by mail to:

Onondaga County Department of Planning

Carnegie Building

335 Montgomery Street, 1st Floor

Syracuse, NY 13202



Visit the Resources page for blank referral forms and other referral resources.




Contact information


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OCPB Referral Notice Instructions


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