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Census Data

NYS Data Center Affiliate

The Onondaga County Department of Planning is a NYS Data Center affiliate, responsible for the distribution, interpretation and analysis of United States Census Bureau data.

Onondaga County Trends

Onondaga County Trends Summary - A collection of Census data and trends analyses for Onondaga County.

Census Bureau Data

2010 Decennial Census


2000 Decennial Census


American Community Survey (ACS)


State and County Quickfacts

Onondaga County
City of Syracuse

Easy Stats

Easy Stats

Other Sources of Census Data for New York State

New York State Data Center

Cornell Program on Applied Demographics

Federal Data Portals

Data collected from the Census Bureau and other Federal agencies, such as the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Social Security Administration.


More Data


Local Employment Dynamics - This rich compilation of data provides an in-depth picture of local employment conditions unavailable elsewhere.


HUD USER - a definitive source for research and data that offers an in-depth view of housing in the United States.

Population Estimates

The US Census Bureau Population Estimates Program publishes annual estimates of current population down to the city and town level.

Population Projections

The US Census Bureau Population Projections Program creates future population projections in five-year intervals through the year 2030 of the resident population for the United States and for each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia.

The Cornell University Program on Applied Demographics (PAD) produces population projections for New York State by County, age, and sex.

Census Bureau Surveys

Decennial Census - The most well known Census taken every 10 years to collect information about people and housing. It includes the "short form/100% data" and "long form/sample data" down to the census tract and block level geographies. The most recent Decennial Census was in 2010.

American Community Survey (ACS)- A new nationwide survey designed to provide more timely and up-to-date data. It will replace the Decennial Census "long form/sample data" and is a critical element in the Census Bureau's reengineered 2010 census. The survey is being phased in and will be fully implemented by the year 2010. It will provide estimates of demographic, housing, social, and economic characteristics every year for all Census geographies, including Census Tracts and Block Groups. In addition, the Census Bureau is now providing margins of error with each published ACS estimate. All surveys are prone to error and the readily available margin of error data will help data users to assess the accuracy of the estimates. The ACS Compass Products provide users with direction and guidance on using ACS data.

Population Estimates Program - Provides current population estimates between censuses: estimates for age, sex, race, and Hispanic origin for the nation, states and counties; estimates of the total population of functioning governmental units; and estimates of the number of housing units for states and counties.

Economic Census - Profiles the U.S. economy every five years.

Annual Economic Surveys - Data from the Annual Survey of Manufactures, County Business Patterns and Nonemployer Statistics.

Current Population Survey (CPS) - The primary source of information on the labor force characteristics of the U.S. population. The sample provides estimates for the nation as a whole and serves as part of model-based estimates for individual states and other geographic areas.

Poverty - Income and poverty estimates from several major national household surveys and programs.

American Community Survey - A broad, comprehensive information on social, economic, and housing data and is designed to provide this information at many levels of geography, particularly for local communities.

Current Population Survey Annual and Social and Economic Supplement (CPS - ASEC) - The source of timely official national estimates of poverty levels and rates and of widely used estimates of household income and individual earnings, as well as the distribution of that income.

Survey of Income and Program Participation (SIPP) - Useful primarily for understanding the dynamics of poverty in the nation by tracking changes over time (up to three or four years) for the same households, people, or families in income and poverty.

Small Area Income & Poverty Estimates (SAIPE) - Estimates are created for states, counties, and school districts. Provides the most accurate subnational estimates of median household income and poverty for different age groups, for the geographic area it covers and with a time lag. Its estimates are controlled to match the CPS ASEC annual estimates at the national level, and will soon use the ACS estimates as an additional input to improve its estimates yet further.

Census Bureau Topic Pages

Population and Households Economics
Business and Industry
Data Access Tools

Historical Census Data

Sources for Historical Census Data - Michael R. Lavin, University of Buffalo
Historical Census Browser - University of Virginia Library
National Historic Geographic Information System - Minnesota Population Center, University of Minnesota
Selected Historical Decennial Census Population and Housing Counts - US Census Bureau



Census-related maps
are available in the Map Gallery


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