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A New County Plan

The County Executive and Syracuse-Onondaga County Planning Agency (SOCPA) are proposing themes to initiate and drive development of a County Plan.  The themes are to give shape to the plan and provide for initial engagement.  The purpose of the outreach and engagement for the next several months is to identify specific needs for each municipality and align those needs with a theme.

The current objective is to conduct initial engagement, assemble what we learn, and initiate development of the plan.  The intention is to produce a guiding document with all the municipal profiles and needs, and then prepare a County Plan.  The Plan is intended to be relatively short and action-oriented.


Goals of the Plan

  • Use and promote inclusive community and design-based planning processes.
  • Create a vision for Onondaga County with its municipalities that will increase our ability to compete with other regions.
  • Develop a positive outlook.
  • Improve quality of life now and attract new residents and businesses through placemaking and amenities.
  • Identify long term planning goals and the resources necessary to reach them.
  • Implement the County Plan by developing planning projects with local municipalities and help find the resources necessary to carry out projects.


Proposed Themes

  • Economic Growth & Development - Create places where people want to live and do business through:
    • Community Engagement - Community and design-based planning
    • Strong Centers - Character, function, value, and placemaking
    • Transportation Corridors - Planning corridors for high performance and future development
    • Agriculture - Protect, promote, and grow
    • Greenways and Greenbelts - Protect, conserve, and restore
    • Housing and Neighborhoods - Diverse, efficient, and attractive






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