Single Point of Access (SPOA)
to Specialty Mental Health Services,
for Adults

                                                   MH SPOA

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2017 Onondaga County Adult SPOA Application

2017 Optional Eligibility Screening Tool

2017 Permission to Use/Disclose Confidential Information

“The SPOA process is the mechanism by which local departments of mental health statewide have centralized their intake and referral systems to prioritize access to specific mental health services based on need.


The SPOA Team infrastructure is designed to improve access to services for individuals with the greatest need, thereby enabling county LGU’s to manage resources with a greater recognition of who is being referred to and receiving services.”

There is limited availability of high cost services, demand exceeds capacity and it is the SPOA Team role to utilize OMH criteria to screen, rank and prioritize applicants’ referrals for access to the specific residential, ACT, and OMH supported housing programs.

OMH funded SPOAs have the following major components:

•          A system for identifying and prioritizing individuals with the highest needs;

•          A screening process to identify the specific service needs of each individual;

•          Mechanisms for coordinating and making available an array of service options to meet the needs that are identified.



  • To help each applicant who is referred to the SPOA Team to discover and connect with the services which they are eligible for and could benefit from.
  • To connect applicants with the most effective and least restrictive services available.
  • To promote a flexible service delivery system providing each person the opportunity to negotiate an individual service plan which is specific to his/her needs and preferences, and includes input and support of service providers and significant others.
  • To involve the Peer community, families and colleagues in the overall planning and evaluation of services.
  • To utilize Peer Support wherever possible to enhance the individual’s engagement and involvement in services.
  • To enhance the ability of applicants to live safely and successfully in the community.
  • To serve as a resource to hospitals and other service providers in discharge planning and assisting individuals in making positive transitions between levels of care.
  • To identify gaps in the service delivery system and to promote development of services to respond to needs.
  • To continually improve services through evaluation of service delivery initiatives.



Residential Vacancy Report 2/21/18
(Click on the above link to download the current Residential Vacancy Report)