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    Accredited Health Department
    Onondaga County Health Department is nationally accredited and meets rigorous public health standards necessary to best serve the needs of our community.

    Residential Environmental Health


    4170 Route 31, Clay, NY 13041
    Phone: (315) 435-1649


    The Residential program provides services in the following areas:


    • County public health housing regulation enforcement
    • Nuisance and general sanitation complaint investigation
    • Mobile home park inspections

    Click here to enter a complaint or call 315-435-1649. Please see below for types of housing complaints that we respond to.


    What types of residential complaints does the Onondaga County Health Department take?

    • Garbage Complaints  – exterior of home/building

    • Rodents

      • Inside home/building – rentals only

      • Exterior of home/building – all

    • Cockroaches – multi-unit dwellings only

    • Offensive odors such as garbage or sewage

    • Sewage

      • Inside home/building – rentals only

      • Exterior of home/building -  all

    • Heating issues – rentals only

      • Residential buildings shall maintain a temperature of not less than sixty-eight (68) degrees Fahrenheit between September 15 and May 31, whenever the outdoor temperature falls below fifty-five (55) degrees Fahrenheit.

    • Water – rentals only

      • No running water

      • No hot water

    • Mobile Home Park Complaints


    Structural problems in rental properties – please contact Syracuse Codes Enforcement if you live in the City of Syracuse (315-448-8695) or the Town or Village codes office where you live.


    Other debris complaints (such as junk cars, appliances, tires, scrap metal) - please contact the Codes Enforcement office where the complaint is located.


    Bed Bugs – Bed Bugs do not carry disease and therefore the Onondaga County Health Department does not address complaints concerning bedbugs. If you live in the City of Syracuse, please contact Syracuse Codes Enforcement at 315-435-8695 for assistance with this issue. For more information about bed bugs click here.


    Mold – The Onondaga County Health Department does not perform mold inspections or test for mold. Mold can be prevented and controlled by limiting excess moisture. If you have mold in your home, you should clean it and fix the water problem that is causing it. In rental properties, if the mold is caused by structural issues such as a leaking roof or leaking pipes, please call your local codes enforcement office. For more information about mold click here.



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