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Contract Compliance: Minority/Women-Owned Business Enterprises and EEO Workforce Utilization


For all New York state and federally funded projects, MWBE Combined Goal Requirements are:
20% (Participation of MBEs and WBEs may be in any percentage combination to meet the goal)

For locally funded projects within Onondaga County, MWBE Goal Requirements are:
MWBE Participation Workforce Participation
MBE - 18% Minority - 18%
WBE - 12% Women - 12%
Combined MBE/WBE - 30% Combined Minority/Women Workforce - 30%
Download M/WBE Forms below:

Conceptual Work Plan

  Form A - Consultant_Contractor Detailed MBE-WBE and EEO Utilization Plan
  Form B - Contractor's Minority & Women Workforce Utilization Plan

Form B1 - Minority and Women Workforce Utilization Plan Detailed Workforce Listing
  Form C - Contractor Bid Solicitation Letter
  Form D - Minority_Women Contractor Participation Letter of Intent
  Form E - MBE_WBE Contractor Bid Proposal
  Form F - Minority_Women Contractor Unavailability Certification
  Form G - MWBE Monthly Report
  Form H - Employment Information Report HRC-1
  Form I - Monthly Employment Utilization Report and Instructions
Onondaga County can help businesses locate certified MWBE firms looking to meet contract compliance goals. To view a *list of certified MWBEs within Onondaga County, view the list here. To view the list that has MWBE firms outside of Onondaga County, click here. To find firms using key commodity code words, click the "Ctrl" key and "F" key at the same time in order for the search box to appear.
*Onondaga County is not responsible for the verification of any minority- or women-owned business enterprise in regards to its certification. Any disputes regarding the accuracy of the information provided should be directed to the following entities based on the type of certification:
City of Syracuse Department of Neighborhood and Business Development (City of Syracuse MWBE Certification)
• Empire State Development Division of Minority and Women's Business Development Directory (New York State MWBE Certification)
New York State Department of Transportation (New York State DBE Certification) via the New York State Unified Certification Program Business Directory


LCPtracker for Workforce Reporting - www.lcptracker.com - LCPtracker SignIn


Questions? For more information, contact:

Onondaga County Division of Purchase
Herman Howard
Contract Compliance Officer
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Syracuse, NY 13202
Phone: 315-435-8462
Fax: 315-435-3424
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