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Under the Freedom of Information Act, the results of any public bidding process may be requested by a vendor or by the general public. To facilitate access to this information, the Onondaga County Division of Purchase is now happy to announce that we can provide this material through an easy-to-use web search function for all public bids that have been opened on or after June 1, 2008.

If you are searching for a public bid opened after June 1, 2008, and have the bid reference number, please enter the bid reference number in the search box below and click "search." If you are searching for bid results for a bid opened prior to June 1, 2008 or you do not have the bid reference number, please send an email to AlyciaGuy@ongov.net to request your bid documents. Please remember, the Freedom of Information Act requires the Division of Purchase to acknowledge your request within five (5) business days and respond within twenty (20) business days. Please do not send multiple requests as this may serve to further delay processing.

When retrieving bid results you will find that some of the documents have been highlighted. Documents which have been highlighted, reflect an award to the highlighted bidder(s), while the documents without highlights represent bids, which have been opened but have not been awarded.


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