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To foster the development of skills and character that is needed to become productive, responsible citizens who can succeed in today’s world.

Life Readiness Academy
The Life Readiness Academy operates within the requirements of the New York State Board of Education and also incorporates life-skill building for the real world into each class. There are overall themes that promote pro-social behaviors, self-awareness, accountability and interpersonal skills.

Empower Hour
After school, Empower Hour is the time for residents to complete any homework. During Empower Hour, teachers move through the units to give special attention in math, reading and social studies. Students who have intensive individual needs are given one-on-one instruction in the classroom as determined by testing and case conference.

Home School Collaboration
Recognizing that detention is sometimes necessary for public safety, we also realize that it removes a child from his or her primary educational setting. When a child arrives at Hillbrook, social workers contact the child’s home school within 72 hours to request any records and school work that would be helpful in supporting educational development while in detention.

We are prepared to follow Individualized Education Plans (IEP) and will accommodate any course work that that we receive.

Teachers, please call Hillbrook (315) 435-1421 to contact us regarding continuity of your students education.



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