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Long Term Care Services

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The Long Term Care Resource Center is an integral part of the NY Connects/Long Term Care Resource Center team. Once a client is screened by the NY Connects Program, if they need continuing care and they have Medicaid, they are transferred to a Continuing Care Nurse who works in the Long Term Care Resource Center. The consumer’s case will be reviewed, and they will be scheduled for an evaluation with a Community Health Nurse.


The Long Term Care Resource Center employs Registered Nurses with Bachelor or Master's Degrees who will do home visits to evaluate the need for long term care services. They also will do Patient Review Instruments (PRI's/Screens.) Patient Review Instrument (PRI's/Screens) are completed for the purpose of determining the level of care needed. They are completed by Registered Nurses who have had special training and are certified to conduct them. Patients are assessed and they receive a score which indicates the level of care they need. To obtain a PRI, you can contact any Certified Home Care Agency as well as the Long Term Care Resource Center.


The Long Term Care Resource Center maintains multiple programs which include the Personal Care Program, Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program, Care at Home, Personal Care Program/Certified Home Health Agency, as well as offering a Personal Emergency Response System, which is provided for safety. 

All the Continuing Care programs are Medicaid-funded and medically based.  Clients meet certain eligibility requirements as well as obtaining a physician order prior to enrollment.


The Long Term Care Resource Center contracts with licensed agencies to provide personal care aides to the client for several programs, such as the Personal Care Program. Such tasks provided are personal care, meal preparation, light housekeeping, laundry and grocery shopping.

The Long Term Care Resource Center assesses the patient, creates a care plan, authorizes the hours and monitors services to the clients.


The staff at the Long Term Care Resource Center works with multiple community agencies as well as intra-departmental programs to provide the necessary services for a client.


The Long Term Care Resource Center's Nurses also provide case management and conduct a bi-annual reassessment in the home. These programs are allowing people in our community to be able to remain in their homes as long as it is safe and feasible for them to do so.


Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program


The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program is similar to the other Personal Care Program, but in this program the consumer, or the person acting on the their behalf, assumes full responsibility for hiring, training and supervising the aides and care of the client. 


Participants have flexibility and freedom in choosing their caregivers.

Click on the photo below to download the Consumer Directed Trifold.





Long Term Care Services
421 Montgomery Street
5th Floor Civic Center Syracuse, New York 13202


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