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APR. 13th

MAY 8th
MAY 16th
JUNE 16th
JUNE 22nd
JULY 5th
JULY 18th
AUG. 1st

Clinton Street Sewer Improvement Project

SEPT. 5th
SEPT. 13th
OCT. 4th
OCT. 17th
OCT. 24th
NOV. 8th
NOV. 27th
DEC. 6th
DEC. 19th

Local Law to Increase Maximum Income Eligibility Levels for Partial Real Property Tax Exemption to Persons with Disabilities whose Incomes are Limited


Consider Adoption of Local Law Prohibiting the Sale of Tobacco Products or Herbal Cigarettes, Rolling Papers or Pipes to Any One Under the Age of 19


Assessment Roll for Southwood Jamesville Water District


Assessment Roll for Warners Water District


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