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Onondaga County Boards


Thank you for your interest in serving on an Onondaga County Board.

Your valuable input and perspective as a board member will help Onondaga County continue to move forward in a positive way.

By sharing your time and expertise, together we will build a future that we can all be proud of.

Below is a list of Onondaga County Boards. Feel free to browse the descriptions and apply for the Board that most interests you.

If you know which board you are interested in click here: Board Appointment Application here. As vacancies occur, members of the community can apply for those available positions.

Board Descriptions

Planning environmental and personal services to meet the needs of the senior population through the evaluation of services and identification of major problems affecting the elderly.

# Appointed by CE   Term   Notes
10   3 years   No compensation for members.

Stimulate economic growth and/or lessen the burdens of government through facilitating investments that will promote job creation/retention.

# Appointed by CE   Term   Notes
3   One shall serve 2 years, one shall serve 3 years, and one shall serve 4 years   No compensation for members.

Coordinate resource, prevent duplication and ensure the effective and efficient delivery of workforce services.

# Appointed by CE   Term   Notes
11   3 Years    

Assist in formulating and implementing community development programs and to make recommendations to the County relating to the distribution of funds.

# Appointed by CE   Term   Notes
Up to 15   # years    

Considers all matters relating to the mental health needs of the County and submits to the Commissioner and County Executive an annual projection of anticipated mental health needs for, and recommended services to be furnished to, the County for the ensuing six fiscal years.

# Appointed by CE   Term   Notes
Up to 15   4 years    

A public benefit corporation (Type C) which is able to issue triple tax-exempt debt (federal, state, city) for development of a single participating cultural institution or a “combined-use facility” consisting of an expansion and renovation of a participating cultural institution and a for profit development.

# Appointed by CE   Term   Notes
5   6 years    

Advises the county Legislature on matters affecting the preservation, development, and use of the natural and man-made features and conditions of the County that have a bearing on environmental quality.

# Appointed by CE   Term   Notes
9 plus ex-official   2 years   No compensation but some members may attend conferences or workshops at the Council’s expense.

Renders advisory opinions to officers and employees of the County with respect to the County’s code of ethics.

# Appointed by CE   Term   Notes
5   3 years   One member must be an officer/employee of county government.

Current Board Members

  • John Cucinotta MD
  • Robert Scully, S.J.
  • William Fitzpatrick
  • George Dooher, Jr.
  • Mary Beth Primo

Board of Ethics webpage

Advises the County on all matters relating to fire training and mutual aid programs, and works in cooperation with the State Division of Safety and Civilian Defense.

# Appointed by CE   Term   Notes
5 - 15   3 years   No compensation for members.

Formulate a statement of fish and wildlife management practices appropriate for its region and encourage landowners, lessees and sportsmen within the region to adopt and carry out the practices approved.

# Appointed by CE   Term   Notes
2   3 years    

Addressing need to strengthen and revitalize local communities. The land banks allows municipalities to acquire, redevelop and improve tax delinquent, vacant or abandoned property, thereby providing a mechanism for municipalities to acquire blighted properties and convert them to productive uses.

# Appointed by CE   Term   Notes
2   3 years   Must be a resident of Onondaga County.

Advise the Commissioner of Health on matters regarding the preservation and improvement of public health and public health services throughout the County.

# Appointed by CE   Term   Notes
8   6 years    

Foster the growth and development of County in the area of human relations, and to create a climate in which citizens of all races, creeds, and political beliefs can understand and respect each other.

# Appointed by CE   Term   Notes
12   3 years    

Review incidents that occur in the Justice Center, as well as complaints from inmates and other interested parties, and, to make recommendations to the County Sheriff and Legislature based on such review.

# Appointed by CE   Term   Notes
2   3 years   Members must be 18 years of age and a County resident. Members and their immediate family cannot be employees of local, County or State law enforcement.

Full control and supervision of the Public Library System. Employs staff and makes rules governing the library.

# Appointed by CE   Term   Notes
11   5 years    

Acts as the administrative body of the County Water District.

# Appointed by CE   Term   Notes
2   3 years    

Elect a president or chief administrator of the institution; employ all personnel; purchase and acquire land necessary for the operation of the institution; receives and accepts private donations; and performs any other duties necessary.

# Appointed by CE   Term   Notes
5   7 years   One member of board is a student representative elected by the OCC Student Association to a one-year term.

Functions as agency’s board of Directors and oversees the implementation of the county’s Solid Waste Management program.

# Appointed by CE   Term   Notes
4   3 years    

To acquire, hold, sell, pledge and otherwise manage the rights of the County to receive payments from cigarette manufacturers under the 1998 Master Settlement Agreement for the benefit of the County and for the public purpose of lessening the burdens of government of Onondaga County.

# Appointed by CE   Term   Notes
1   1 year   Meets annually or on as needed basis.

Advise the County Executive on all planning matters relating to the development of the County. Have all the powers and perform all the duties including those respecting subdivision approval and zoning within the County.

# Appointed by CE   Term   Notes
7   3 year    

Jurisdiction and control over connections to public sewers. Certifies plumbers who they deem qualified to perform plumbing work under the Department of Water Environment Protection in existing and future sanitary districts.

# Appointed by CE   Term   Notes
Up to 10   3 year   Members represent the following organizations: One from Master Plumbers Association; one from Journeymen in City of Syracuse; two from Onondaga County Association of Plumbing Contractors; City of Syracuse Chief Engineer or designee; County Commissioner of Health or designee; three non-voting residents of the County to serve in an advisory capacity.

Formulates a statement of fish and wildlife management practices appropriate for its region and shall encourage landowners, lessees and sportsmen within the regions to adopt and carry out the practices approved.

# Appointed by CE   Term   Notes
2   2 year   One member represents the landowners of the County (recommended by the County Farm Bureau and Pomona Grange), and one member represents the sportsmen of the County (recommended by the local Sportsman’s Federation). Landowner must be engaged in the operation of such lands for production of agricultural commodities or forest products.

Prepares and provides regional studies an projections which will be useful and applicable to policy and planning decisions by public and private bodies within the CNY Region, prepares comprehensive regional development plan components for coordination of public and private services, provides for the regional central clearing house for planning and development information and proposals, and – through the exchange of information and recommendations with government agencies, civic associations and private businesses in the region.

# Appointed by CE   Term   Notes
7   Indefinitely    

Advises the County Executive and County Legislature on matters concerning the conservation of soil resources and the control of soil erosion.

# Appointed by CE   Term   Notes
7   3 year   Members are paid $30/month and Chairman is paid $50/month. Members excluding Legislators are paid mileage.

Promotes and encourages street and highway traffic safety by formulating countywide programs of traffic safety education, makes recommendations as to changes in legislation, analyzes and studies motor vehicle accident data for education and informational purposes.

# Appointed by CE   Term   Notes
15   3 year    

Operate as an informal advisory group to provide two-way communication between the County Executive and the local veteran community concerning policy issues impacting the rights, interests and needs of constituent veterans.

# Appointed by CE   Term   Notes
15 - 20   2 year   Meets at a minimum of four times per year. Chairperson and Staff Liaison may also schedule additional special meetings as required.

Advising the County Executive and Director of the Division of Youth on the programs, policies and procedures of the Division. The Board also assists in the procurement of federal and state funds, or funds from private sources, implements the division’s programs, and prepares and submits to the Director an annual report.

# Appointed by CE   Term   Notes
10   3 years (youths serve one year terms)   Two appointees must be youths under the age of 21 residing in the County but outside the City.


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