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News Releases

News Releases are in pdf format. Click to download a copy.


Comptroller Masterpole releases Audit of Hotel/Motel Room Occupancy Tax identifying over $420,000 in underreported revenue, February 2023
Comptroller Masterpole releases sales tax figures with June 12 payment
Comptroller Masterpole submits the Annual Update Document for Onondaga County to New York State, April 2020
Comptroller Masterpole releases Audit of Hotel/Motel Room Occupancy Tax identifying over $318,000 in underreported revenue, March 2020
Comptroller Beadnell announces Elections Commissioner Dustin Czarny is an Uber/Lyft Driver on County time, September 2019
Comptroller Beadnell identifies over $300,000 due to Onondaga County from Room Occupancy Tax Audit, June 2019
Comptroller Releases Onondaga County Comprehensive Annual Financial Statements for Year Ending December 31, 2018
Comptroller Praises the Legislature's Policy on Double Encumbered Positions, August 2018
Phony Controversy Involving CAFR: Did the County Executive Lie About Her Travel Dates? July 2018
Comptroller Antonacci Sets the Record Straight, July 2018
Comptroller Responds to Phony Controversy Started by County Executive Mahoney, July 2018
Comptroller Releases Audit of the OnCenter Parking Garage, June 2018
Onondaga County Policies Lead to Minor Windfall for County at Expense of Employees, April 2018
Comptroller Vows Review of Economic Development Programs in Light of Aspen Dental's Decision to Relocate DeWitt Jobs, March 2018
Comptroller Finds Sheriff Conway Continues to Improve Sheriff Office Practices, March 2018
Comptroller Releases Audit on Overtime at Onondaga County E-911 Center, December 2017
Mahoney Administration Blocks Legislator Kevin Holmquist's Comprehensive Ethics Package, September 2017
Comptroller Releases Updated Debt Report, July 2017
Comptroller Releases Year-End Audit of Onondaga County Government, July 2017
Comptroller Issues Audit Report on Adoption Assistance Program, June 2017
Comptroller Releases CSI-Onondaga Audit Report on the Town of Cicero Tax Receiver's Office, May 2017
County Comptroller Announces Clean Bill of Health on Payroll Audit, April 2017
County Executive Mahoney Continues to Debate Herself, April 2017
New York State Unfunded Mandates Up $10 Million in 2016, April 2017
Comptroller Welcomes County Executive to Consensus Discussion, April 2017
Comptroller Voices Support for DeFrancisco, April 2017
Comptroller Antonacci Voices Support for Collins, March 2017
County Comptroller Releases Audit of the Onondaga County Film Commission, March 2017
Comptroller Finds Sheriff Conway Focused on Improving Sheriff's Office, February 2017
Comptroller Releases Audit of Veterans Cemetery Trust Fund, January 2017
Comptroller Releases 2015 Deferred Compensation Audit, December 2016
Audit of Financial Operations Department Released, December 2016
Comptroller: Audit Finds Sheriff Conway Focused on Improving Sheriff's Office, November 2016
County Comptroller Releases Soil and Water District Audit, November 2016
What Would Preet Bharara Do? October 2016
County Comptroller Speaks Out on Revenge Budget, September 2016
Comptroller Releases Hillbrook Juvenile Detention Center Overtime Audit, June 2016
Comptroller Addresses Onondaga County Supervisors Association, June 2016
CSI-Onondaga Reviews Financial Records of the Cicero Fire District, June 2016
Comptroller Responds to County Executive Mahoney's Name-Calling, June 2016
Comptroller Releases Audit on Beaver Lake Solar Panels, Administration Fails to Cooperate, May 2016
Consensus Letter to the Editor
Comptroller Releases Year-End Audit of Onondaga County Government, May 2016
Comptroller Continues to Answer Questions Regarding the Consensus Draft Report, March 2016
Taxpayers Kept in Dark on First Concert, March 2016
Comptroller Announces Consensus/Consolidation FAQ Service for County Taxpayers, February 2016
Comptroller Antonaci Rules Pay Raises Illegal, January 2016
Comptroller Reacts to Recent Votes on Elected Officials' Pay, December 2015
Water Environment Protection Overtime Report, December 2015
County Losing $8,500 Per Month on Parking Lot Contract, November 2015
Greater Syracuse Property Development Corporation, August 2015
Ethics Board Refuses Audit Oversight of County Comptroller, August 2015
Comptroller Announces 48-Hour FOIL Response Time For Upcoming County Races, July 2015
Comptroller Releases Report on Take Home Vehicles, May 2015
Comptroller Releases Report on County Debt, April 2015
Comptroller Antonacci Releases Year-End Audit of Onondaga County Government, April 2015
Centro to work with County Comptroller, February 2015
Sheriff-Elect Gene Conway Requests Full Departmental Audit be Performed by County Comptroller's Office, November 2014
"Checkbook Onondaga" Added to Project Sunshine, November 2014
Social Services Inventory Audit Released by Comptroller's Office, September 2014
Comptroller Releases Soil and Water Conservation District Audit, September 2014
Social Services Mileage Audit Released by Comptroller's Office, September 2014
Comptroller Antonacci releases year-end audit of Onondaga County Government, April 2014
Joint Audit of the City Abstract, April 2014
Happy Sunshine Week, Happy Birthday "Project Sunshine", March 2014
Comp Time Audit Released by Comptroller's Office, March 2014
Onondaga County Clerk Sandra Schepp Announces Release of Requested Audit, February 2014
Onondaga County Comptroller Releases Audit of Overtime Cost in the Sheriff's Office Custody Division at the Patrick J. Corbett Justice Center, September 2013
Comptroller Antonacci releases year-end audit of Onondaga County government, May 2013
Call to Action--Immediate Savings Available to County Taxpayers, November 2012
Trick or Treat...Oncenter Delivers Treat to Parking Customer, October 2012
Comptroller Releases Audits of Grants in Sheriff's Office and Health Department, First Audits Released by Twitter, October 2012
Comptroller releases departmental audit of the Onondaga County Parks Department, October 2012
"Say My Name"...Not just a song by Destiny's Child...County-Wide revenue from Naming Rights, May 2012

Comptroller acknowledges "tip" that will lead to recovery of at least $2.5 million from Excellus BlueCross BlueShield,

May 2012

Welcome Back Kochian!, January 2012

Comptroller Urges County to Buy Local, Especially if Local Company is Lowest Bidder, January 2012
Comptroller Announces Open House on April 19, 2011, April 2011
County Comptroller Antonacci Founding Member of NYSECCA, February 2011
Comptroller Announces "Project Sunshine", February 2011
Canceling Memberships and Associations Could Save County $164,461, November 2010
Comptroller Announces CSI Onondaga, September 2010
Comptroller names Deputy, August 2010
Comptroller Issues Print Shop Audit, January 2010
Comptroller Issues Iron Mountain Records Management Audit, December 2009
Comptroller Releases Advertising Report, December 2009
Comptroller Releases Two Mental Health Audits, December 2009
Comptroller Names "Green" Auditor, November 2009
Comptroller Recommends Limits on Cell Phone Use Immediate Savings of Approximately $50,000, November 2009
Comptroller Announces Fraud and Whistleblower Directive, November 2009
Fact or Fiction, September 2009
Comptroller Warns Department to be More Diligent in Monitoring Contracts, July 2009
Onondaga County Parking Lot Agreements, July 2009

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