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Consensus/Consolidation Frequently Asked Questions

County Executive Mahoney Continues to Debate Herself
New York State Unfunded Mandates Up $10 Million in 2016 in Onondaga County
Comptroller Welcomes County Executive to Consensus Discussion, April 2017
Comptroller Addresses Onondaga County Supervisors Association, June 2016
Dusty Rhodes, Auditor, County of Hamilton, Cincinnati, Ohio, correspondence regarding false benefits of a city-county merger
Consensus Letter to the Editor
Is it correct that the first 50 points of the Consensus report can be accomplished without a referendum on the merger of the City and the County?
Is it legal or possible to "audit" the Consenses Group?
If the Consensus passes in Syracuse, will County workers lose their pensions?
How many police officers lost their job during the Clay Police merger and the East Syracuse Police merger?
Has the City or County paid for membership and fees to ICLEI out of Germany?
Is there a way the towns, villages, etc. could get better pricing for needs and share services?
Where does the money go from the Automobile Use Tax?
How many County funded fire departments are there now?
Did local leaders promise Governor Cuomo we would consolidate local governments?
Is it true our governments are 200 years old?
Which Towns and Villages are under fiscal stress?


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