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Certificate of Residence in Onondaga County

Community College Students may now apply for a Certificate of Residence ONLINE.

Apply for Certificate of Residence Online

(1) Click the link; (2) Complete the online form; (3) Upload supporting documentation; (4) Submit.

Once submitted, the student will receive a simple confirmation email.

Allow time for Onondaga County to review the information and respond to the student by email.

As needed, applications and supporting documents will continue to be accepted by mail at:

Onondaga County Finance Dept, Attn: RPTS/COR, 421 Montgomery St - 15th Flr East, Syracuse, NY 13202.



WHO is eligible to apply for the Certificate of Residence in Onondaga County?
Onondaga County residents who plan to attend a SUNY/CUNY Community College outside Onondaga County.  The student must be a continuous, permanent resident of New York State for at least one (1) year and have resided in Onondaga County for at least one (1) month within the last six (6) months; based on the first day of the semester they are applying for.


Residents who plan to attend Onondaga Community College need to prove residency to the college directly.

WHO is NOT eligible to apply for the Certificate to the Onondaga County Finance Department?
Residents of Onondaga County requesting the Certificate for purposes other than attending college

• Residents of Onondaga County attending Onondaga Community College.
• Students living in Onondaga County solely for the purpose of attending college. The legal address is their guardian
claiming the student on their New York income tax return OR the student's residence prior to attending college.
• Members of the Armed Services on active duty serving part-time. Their legal address is their former/permanent address.

WHEN can the Certificate be applied for?
No earlier than 60 days prior to and no later than 30 days after the start of the semester they are applying for. This must be applied for upon the start of every school year and is valid for one year from the date of issuance.  Students not sending proper documentation or not applying on a timely basis, will be responsible for the non-resident tuition rate. 

WHERE does one apply for a Certificate of Residence?                               

Online:   CLICK HERE

By Mail:  Onondaga County Finance Dept                         Questions?:   Office Hours: Monday thru Friday; 8am – 4pm
               Attn: RPTS / COR                                                                  
Phone: (315) 435-2426 / Email: COR@ongov.net
               421 Montgomery Street - 15th Flr East                                                        
               Syracuse, NY 13202


WHAT documents are needed?

1. Apply online or mail a completed Application Form (our office can also use the application form provided by your college).  THE APPLICATION MUST BE NOTARIZED

2. Copy of student's valid, government-issued ID

3. Documentary proof of residence in New York State for one full year preceding the application date

4. Documentary proof of residence in Onondaga County for at least one month of the last six months

Documentation Requirements

 A minimum of TWO forms of supporting documentation are required to accompany the original, notarized form.  If you moved into Onondaga County in the last year, a third document from when you moved is required.  These documents will need provide or fulfill the following requirements:

  • Student’s Full Name.  
  • Physical Address.  PO Boxes are not considered residences, proof of physical address is required.
  • Printed Business Documents.  Hand-written forms, mail, and/or personal affidavits cannot be accepted.
  • Dated.  
    1. New York State Documentation must be dated between 1-2 years prior to the application date or the start of the semester (whichever date is earlier) placing the student in New York State.
    2. Onondaga County Documentation must dated within 30 days prior to the application date or the start of the semester (whichever date is earlier) placing the student in Onondaga County. 
    3. Additional Documents are required if the student moved into or around Onondaga County in the last year.  These must be dated at the time of the move(s).
    4. Notes:
      • Tax documents are considered dated when they are received or filed (e.g. the 2016 W-2s were issued in January 2017)
      • Government-issued ID is dated when it was issued; address change information written on the back is not valid documentation of current address.
      • Metered or pre-sorted mail cannot be accepted as a valid date; postmarked business mail is acceptable.

Acceptable Documentation

REQUIRED - Valid, Government-Issued Identification

Documents that may be used for BOTH Notary Public/Commissioner of Deeds identification purposes

AND possible proof of your current address: 

  • New York State Driver’s License, Learner’s Permit, or ID Card
  • Onondaga County Sheriff’s ID

Documents that may ONLY be used for Notary Public/Commissioner of Deeds identification purposes.

These documents cannot be used for proof of your current address:


  • Passport
  • Military ID
  • Permanent Resident Card
SUPPLEMENTARY - Choose two that fulfill the above requirements.


  • Parents’ Income Tax Return claiming Student prepared by a tax accountant
  • Student’s Income Tax return prepared by a tax accountant
  • Payroll Stub or W-2
  • Bank Statement
  • Utility Bill (ex. National Grid, Time Warner, AT&T, OCWA)
  • Medical Bill
  • High School Transcript or Report Card (if recently graduated)
  • Mortgage Information or Rental/Lease Agreement
  • Town/County, School, and/or Village Property Tax Bill
  • Car Registration or Insurance Card
  • Voter’s Registration Card or printout from Board of Elections

WHY should a Certificate of Residence be completed?
Failure to submit a Certificate of Residence to the college may result in delayed registration and/or may cause the student to be charged the higher, Out-of-State (Non-Resident) tuition rate. The student is responsible for the timely completion of the application and submission to the County.

This document of residency provides proof to the college (in person or on-line) that the student resides within New York State, thereby charging the student the lower, In-State (Resident) tuition rate. When residency has been proven in Onondaga County for the past 6 months, the
County will then be charged the difference between the In-State (Resident) tuition and the Out-of-State (Non-Resident) tuition rates.

The Education Law pertaining to the Certificate of Residence:
You can view Education Law Article 126. The Section pertaining to Resident status is  Section 6301 and the Section pertaining to Non-Resident [Out-of-County] and Out-of-State Students is Section 6305.


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