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Juvenile Firesetter Program

Did you know that one out of every two intentionally set fires in the United States involves a child? While that statistic seems shocking, those numbers hold true in Onondaga County.

You can help by becoming aware of the warning signs
   • A child who shows a special interest in fire
   • Burn holes in rugs or furniture
   • Ashes or charred papers found in sinks, trash baskets,
     on the stove or in closets.

If you have noticed any of these warning signs in your household, or elsewhere, it is important to seek help. 

PROJECT CONCERN, a juvenile firesetters intervention program, assists families by identifying, assessing and providing direct intervention with children who display firesetting behaviors.

Early intervention can have lasting benefits! Overlooking the problem can have very negative outcomes.  Without early intervention, a juvenile firesetter often travels down the path toward much more serious criminal behavior as the child matures into adulthood.

PROJECT CONCERN is a collaborative effort between City and County agencies.

Click here to download the Project Concern information form

For Help Call 435-3088
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