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Child Abuse Hotline

Crossover Youth Team

Who are Crossover Youth?
Crossover Youth are youth who are involved in the Juvenile Justice system and have been involved with the Child Welfare system.

What is the Crossover Youth Team?
CYT is a team of Family Navigators*, Child Welfare workers, and Probation Officers who work with Crossover Youth and their families.

What is a Family Navigator?
The Family Navigator, a member of the Crossover Youth Team, is a parent advocate who works with a Crossover youth and family to assist the youth and family to develop individual and family goals. The Family Navigator guides the family through the Child Welfare, Juvenile Justice, and other support systems seen in the picture below.

What does the Crossover Youth Team do?
Over the course of 3-4 months, The CYT will conduct regular meetings with your family. These meetings involve people from a range of other supports and services, including those shown below and other supports that you identify.

Crossover Youth Team

What is the mission of the Crossover Youth Team?
CYT will partner with youth and families to achieve goals, resolve legal and child welfare issues, and prevent further involvement with these systems.

CYT will help you to succeed…
CYT will work to know more about you and your family, and your unique needs and concerns.
CYT will seek to give you a voice in the process.
CYT will focus on your strengths.
CYT will look for positive solutions to help you achieve your goals.
CYT will gather together supports that can help you.
CYT will connect you to resources you need.


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