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Child Abuse Hotline

Juvenile Delinquency Adjustment Services

The Onondaga County Department of Children and Family Services collaborates with the Onondaga County Department of Probation to provide services to youth charged with an Act of Delinquency as defined by the New York State Family Court Act. The Family Court Act authorizes the County to work with victims and youth and families to address the arrest without the need for court involvement.

Youth who are arrested and not detained complete an assessment with a Probation Officer. Once the assessment is completed the Probation Department will contact the victim of the crime to offer an alternative to court intervention known as Adjustment Services. With the victim’s consent, youth are placed into an adjustment program where they are required to participate in restorative justice programming that can include community service, apology letters and restitution, stay arrest free, abide by a curfew and attend school. This adjustment period can take 60-120 days and is voluntary.

Victims can be provided an Order of Protection from the youth during this time. Successful completion of the adjustment plan will result in the case against the youth being sealed. Failure of the youth to complete the required adjustment objectives will have the adjustment case closed and sent to the County Attorney for review for possible petition to family court.

Information for Victims of an Act of Juvenile Delinquency

  • Onondaga County Victim Impact Statement: This form should be completed and mailed back to the Department of Children and Family Services Probation representative if you have been a victim of a crime by a youth under the age of 16.
Information for families who have a youth arrested under the age of 16

If you are a victim or a family that has been issued a Family Court Appearance Ticket and you have questions, please feel free to contact the Department of Children and Family Services Probation Screener at (315) 435-3580.



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