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Meeting Minutes
Office of the Onondaga County Legislature
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Deputy Clerk





MEMBERS PRESENT:  Dr. Chase, Mrs. Tassone, Ms. Cody

MEMBERS ABSENT:  Chairman Plochocki

Also attending:  See attached list


Vice Chair Burtis called the meeting to order at 9:13 a.m.  A motion was made by Mrs. Tassone, seconded by Dr. Chase, to waive the reading of the proceedings from the previous committees.  MOTION CARRIED.  A motion was made by Dr. Chase, seconded by Ms. Cody, to approve the minutes from the July committee.  MOTION CARRIED.  A motion was made by Dr. Chase, seconded by Ms. Cody, to approve the minutes from the August committee.  MOTION CARRIED. 


1.     WATER ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION:  Michael Lannon, P.E., Deputy Commissioner

        a.     A Resolution Calling for a Public Hearing in Connection with Proposals to Support Green and Innovative Infrastructure Projects to Benefit the Onondaga County Sanitary District

Mr. Lannon:

  • Public hearing for proposals totaling $1.2 million – suburban projects outside ACJ area but within consolidated sanitary districts, projects supplement Save the Rain program and further the efforts of Local Law 1-2011 by reducing costs associated with managing wet weather sewer capacity, also reduce infiltration and inflow (I&I) to WWTP’s; funding approved in 2016
  • 13 applications submitted; reviewed spreadsheet
SGIP Applications 2017 - Funding Recommendations
Municipality WWTP Service Area Project Name Technology(ies) Requested Funding Matching  I&I Reduction gal/yr $ per Gal  Suggested Funding Comments
          Funding   (ranked best to worst)  
City of Syracuse Meadowbrook/Limestone Hurlburt, Bradford, Standish  Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) 4,000 linear feet (LF)  $          250,000.00                   55,296,000                        0.005  $          250,000 Very high I&I reduction metrics, high need service area (Meadowbrook Limestone)
Town of Salina Metro WWTP Mattydale CIPP 5800 LF, 21 MH rehab  $          250,000.00  $   416,500.00                 80,000,000                        0.003  $          250,000 Very good I&I reduction metrics and cost effectiveness due to matching funds
Town of Geddes Metro WWTP Hillcrest Trunk Sewer CIPP 1,285 LF  $          245,000.00  $     33,000.00                 11,448,000                        0.021  $          250,000 Very good I&I reduction metrics, helps resolve very critical issue in immediate service area (Hillcrest pump station).
Town of Cicero Brewerton WWTP Oneida Park Pressure Test/Grout Sealing  $          250,000.00  $       8,137.00                   6,189,176                        0.040  $          250,000 Very good I&I reduction metrics, high priority service area for WEP, well thought out application and project
Village of E. Syracuse Metro WWTP Hartwell Ave CIPP, MH Repairs  $          250,000.00  $          552.00                   2,695,680                        0.093  $          200,000 Good I&I reduction metrics; critical service area for WEP (Ley Creek pump station)
City of Syracuse Meadowbrook/Limestone Syracuse MH Project Manhole (MH) Inserts  $            75,500.00                     1,270,000                           0.059   good project, in critical area, limit of 1 project per municipality
Village of N. Syracuse Oak Orchard WWTP Church & S Main Bioretention/Bioswales  $          206,203.00                     1,845,566                           0.112    
Village of Liverpool Metro WWTP 2017 CIPP CIPP 5,050 LF, MH Repairs, Tree Plantings  $          250,000.00  $     82,125.00                   1,185,840                           0.211    
Town of Dewitt Metro WWTP Franklin Park Porous Pavement, Tree Trench  $          250,000.00                        507,593                           0.493    
Village of Fayetteville Meadowbrook/Limestone Pratt Ln, E Genesee St Porous Pavement, Bioretention, Tree Trench  $          245,855.00  $     41,115.00                      338,343                           0.727    
Village of Baldwinsville BSK WWTP Syracuse St, Curtis/Brooks/Travers CIPP, MH Repairs, Rain Gardens, Tree Pits  $          250,000.00  $     53,000.00  (no estimate given, but expect well over the 100,000 gal/yr requirement)                            2.500    
Town of Clay Wetzel WWTP Berrywood Rd, Bayberry Porous Pavement  $          250,000.00                          57,000                           4.386   Cost IN-effective
Town of Van Buren BSK WWTP Snowdale Dr MH Replacement, drainage improvements  $          170,000.00  $     33,000.00  No Estimate of I&I provided   Not Available     
TOTAL REQUESTED:  $       2,942,558.00  Funding Proposed   $           1,200,000
 $       1,200,000.00


  • Propose funding top 5projects based on reduction volume and cost per gallon

In answer to Dr. Chase, Mr. Lannon confirmed that municipalities would supply any matching funds.


In answer to Vice Chair Burtis, Mr. Lannon confirmed that the total cost would include both the suggested and matching funding amounts for each project. 


Mrs. Tassone asked why there were no matching funds from the City of Syracuse.  Mr. Lannon answered that the City will use the county sewer lining contract, the engineering is complete, and they are seeking the maximum amount.  He believes the City would absorb any in-house engineering or oversight costs.


In answer to Dr. Chase, Mr. Lannon said that it is his understanding that municipalities have committed to the matching funding necessary to complete the projects.

  • All projects are sewer lining, except Cicero which is using grout sealing


In answer to Vice Chair Burtis, Mr. Lannon said that the total project cost is divided by the anticipated I&I reduction to equal the cost per gallon metric.

  • Village of East Syracuse project will help the Ley Creek pump station
  • Anticipate all municipalities will use county sewer lining contract, other than Cicero


Vice Chair Burtis asked if there was a reason the Town of Cicero was not lining their sewer.  Mr. Lannon answered that grouting was deemed a better application for point repairs - the rest of the sewer was considered acceptable.


Vice Chair Burtis said that CIPP must be heavy labor.  Mr. Lannon said that they have to inflate the sock and newer technology uses UV light to active the resin; formerly used hot water, which has a longer curing time.


In answer to Mrs. Tassone, Mr. Lannon said that a holistic approach was taken and the projects with the greatest benefit were chosen.  At this point, the other projects will not receive any funds.  Mrs. Tassone asked if they would be considered at a later date.  Mr. Lannon answered, if the program is offered again.  The current authorized amount of $1.2 million will be exhausted if funds are awarded to the selected five.  Mrs. Tassone asked why they wouldn’t reduce some funding so that all could be included.  Mr. Lannon answered that it is better to maximize the amount of work due to the mobilization costs.  There are efficiencies in scale of economy - maximizes the awards and amount of work. 


In response to Vice Chair Burtis, Mr. Lannon confirmed that 21 manhole rehabs are part of the Salina project.  Vice Chair Burtis said that 80 million gallons was a huge number.  Some towns have already done things to try and reduce I&I and manhole repair is a big part of this.  Mr. Lannon agreed.


Vice Chair Burtis reminded the committee that the resolution is for a public hearing.


A motion was made by Dr. Chase, seconded by Ms. Cody, to approve this resolution.  Passed unanimously; MOTION CARRIED.


Vice Chair Burtis noted today’s date of 9-11; asked all to remember that there are a lot of people who are still hurting, and he is thankful for all who serve.


The meeting adjourned at 9:28 a.m.


Respectfully submitted,



Onondaga County Legislature



* * *




MEMBERS PRESENT:  Mr. Knapp, Mr. Plochocki, Mr. Jordan


ALSO ATTENDING:  See attached list


Chairman Shepard called the meeting to order at 10:36 a.m.  A motion was made by Mr. Knapp, seconded by Mr. Jordan, to waive the reading of the proceedings of the previous committee.  MOTION CARRIED.  A motion was made by Mr. Knapp, seconded by Mr. Jordan, to approve the minutes from the previous committee.  MOTION CARRIED. 


1.     LANDMARK THEATRE:  Mike Intaglietta, General Manager

        a.     Amending the 2017 County Budget to Make Surplus Room Occupancy Funding Available for use in Support of the Landmark Theatre ($50,000)


Mr. Intaglietta provided the following update:

  • Great year, year-to-date ticket attendance roughly 84,500 – upcoming Lion King, Mannheim Steamroller, Warren Miller and Trevor Noah, anticipate additional 55,000 to 60,000, audience spending estimated at $2.5 million year-to-date, anticipate reaching $4.2 million
  • Rare to have 2 of 3 most popular shows in one year - Wicked and Lion King; had 3rd most popular show last year – Phantom of the Opera; not sustainable, expect slight downturn next year, hope to remain competitive with 2016
  • 24 shows booked for spring; additional announcements around Thanksgiving for holiday shopping
  • Tech confirmed for next fall, roughly the size of Jersey Boys
  • Lion King tech coming Monday, 5.5 weeks of residence before first show, 155 designers, cast members, director, choreographers, traveling crew and Disney executives, anticipate 2,000-3,000 room nights; working with local retailors to setup welcome bags - directs tech crew to local businesses, work long days, likely eat out
  • Repairing HVAC controls, restoring Jefferson Street artists entrance - current door same width as road boxes that need to roll through
  • Cleaned carpets and waxed floors over summer to put best face forward for 20 Lion King shows

In answer to Chairman Shepard, Mr. Intaglietta said he was present to request that $50,000 be allocated out of surplus ROT; same request as the past 3 years.


Mr. Knapp said that a year or two ago they discussed in-house improvements to operations, such as concessions, and those types of things and asked for the status.  Mr. Intaglietta responded that all were implemented, i.e. $2,500 in concession sales opening night of Jersey Boys 2012, almost $5,000 in concession sales opening night of Beautiful 2017.  Per capita concession sales have all improved, in some cases 20%-25%, and they are doing a lot more volume.  There is still room for some concession growth but they are inhibited by the lobby space.  The new point of sale is working like a charm and credit card payments are now accepted at concessions, where people tend to spend more when paying with credit.  Also, they pay more attention to the type of shows they are bringing in; the philosophy 3 years ago was to bring anything in, not the most efficient way to run the business, limits opportunities for larger shows, now focus on national touring acts, and if they do something else they insure that it has an intangible benefit or will really draw people.

Mr. Jordan said that substantial improvements were made to the facility and asked if they received any feedback.  Mr. Intaglietta answered that nothing is ever going to be perfect.  The Jersey Boys had a great experience when they teched here, both with the facility and surrounding area.  They loved being able to do their tech and then go out the backdoor to lively night life.  The marquee is the biggest area that needs improvement.  It is only a concern for promoters.  A $500,000 request has been made to the Regional Economic Development Council and they are crossing their fingers that it gets pushed through.  The funds would replace the marquee and restore of the window above the marquee to replicate the original arched marquee.  The marquee will have LED screens that can be programed to provide additional marketing opportunities and brighten the Salina Street corridor.  Promoters only care about the number of seats, but the chairs in the auditorium are probably the next substantial project.  Mr. Jordan asked who had comments or concerns about the seating.  Mr. Intaglietta responded that it was a comfort issue for the audience.


  • Promoters happy, getting calls they haven’t received in years, due in part to success of events, i.e. Neil deGrasse Tyson sold out in April, promoter coming back with 5 shows between December and next April; success breeds success, looking to capitalize on that

Mr. Plochocki as that the $50,000 request was not new, it was a continuation of what has been done.  Chairman Shepard and Mr. Knapp agreed.


Chairman Shepard asked Mr. Intaglietta to talk about how the IOU practice has changed and the rehearsal contracts that the public doesn’t see.  Mr. Intaglietta responded that they are current on all their debts, with the exception of one vendor that had a substantial bill from several years ago, which they will be making the final payment on in October.  Chairman Shepard said that the practice of IOU’s has pretty much ended.  Mr. Intaglietta agreed, saying that they are staying within their means; vendors that were COD for years and are now billing them.  From the moment he came on board this was an expectation from the board and they have been able to keep current.  As far as the techs, the city and county benefit from the amount of economic activity generated, but for the Landmark it brings in dark rent – the potential to bring in revenue without substantial labor on their end.  It calls for a substantial amount of prep time but the end benefit is a show that they would otherwise not have, i.e. Lion King.  Techs provide a substantial boost to the season and a lot of their practices are geared toward making sure all have a good experience so that they come back and spread the word amongst this small community.  A small tech is planned for next year - 3 week tech with 4 or 8 shows at the end.  This is a big emphasis for the Landmark and they are well suited for it with a theatre that can accommodate large crowds, located in the city center.


In answer to Mr. Jordan, Mr. Intaglietta said that local stage hands will see a lot of work from the techs.  The load-in portion will be 40-50 stagehands and ramps up quickly to close to 100, then drops down.  It is consistent work, 6 days per week, 8-12 hour days.


Mr. Jordan asked if there were any concerns about lighting or sound equipment.  Mr. Intaglietta said no - the thing that lives in-house is the rigging, the fly system, and it is in good shape.  In-house sound and light systems are very light because they operate primarily as a rental house and everyone brings or rents their own sound and lights.  It works well for the Landmark, as they do not want to be responsible for any malfunction. 


Mr. Plochocki said that he did not feel he was overstepping his bounds in speaking for everyone, saying that there clearly has been improvement for the whole operation and Mr. Intaglietta was doing great.  Mr. Knapp said that they have definitely turned the corner.  Mr. Intaglietta said thank you. 


A motion was made by Mr. Knapp, seconded by Mr. Plochocki, to approve this item.  Passed unanimously; MOTION CARRIED.


The meeting adjourned at 10:52 a.m.                                        


Respectfully submitted,



Onondaga County Legislature



* * *


SEPTEMBER 13, 2017




MEMBERS ABSENT:  Mr. Dougherty

WAYS & MEANS MEMBERS PRESENT:  Mr. Jordan, *Mr. May, Mr. Kilmartin, **Mr. Shepard, Mrs. Ervin


ALSO ATTENDING:  Mr. Ryan; see attached list


Chair Tassone called the meeting to order at 8:53 a.mA motion was made by Dr. Chase, seconded by Mrs. Ervin to waive the reading of the minutes of the previous County Facilities committee meeting; MOTION CARRIED.  A motion was made by Dr. Chase, seconded by Ms. Cody to approve the minutes of the proceedings of the previous County Facilities committee meeting; MOTION CARRIED.


1.     WAR MEMORIAL:  William Fisher, Deputy County Executive

        a.     For War Memorial Capital Projects:  Amending the 2017 County Budget to Make Funding Available for use, Authorizing the Execution of Agreements, and Requesting SMG to Collect Additional use Fees to be Imposed on Certain Tickets for Live Events at Such Facility


Chair Tassone stated the committee will not be voting on this item; no commitment for the state money.


Mr. Fisher stated for the record that the partners in the executive branch like the joint meetings of County Facilities and Ways and Means. 


Mr. Fisher showed a virtual tour of what the suites will look like, and stated they are fully financed at this time.


1  1


  • 6 suites projecting from Assembly Hall (room on top of Memorial Hall); outside of arena; will create a steel structure to support suites; 11.5’ into assembly hall; Veterans feel strongly about Assembly Hall – consulting with them


*Mr. May arrived at the meeting.

  • Suites will be used by hockey team and anyone else using the building; anyone with revenue opportunity; i.e. Silver Knights soccer team with lease; concert promoters (rent building); things like Disney On Ice



  • $8,490,000 already financed; resolution today completes financing that began last year; $1.5 mil for Oncenter improvements including $875,000 for marquees and $205,000 for security cameras
  • $4.5 mil in place; $190,000 voted on last year for Veteran’s kiosks (on order) and Gold Star Mother’s exhibit in place (installed, up and running)

Chairman Knapp stated there is a dedication for the Gold Star Mother’s display on September 28th at 10 a.m.  Tomorrow at 1 p.m. is the Veteran’s Advisory Committee meeting in Assembly Hall for regular business, and Bill (Fisher) will be presenting what he is presenting now.  There will also be a walking tour to get more specifics.  This meeting is open to everyone, and thank you to Debbie (Maturo) for sending the notice to everyone.  Mr. Fisher stated a representative from Senator DeFrancisco’s office, John McBride, will be attending the meeting.  Senator DeFrancisco is working on the grant funding, and wants his representative to hear directly from the Veterans that they are good with the specific plans for the money from New York State.


Mr. Fisher:

  • John Paddock, Chair of committee that advises County and executive department on Veterans matters at War Memorial
  • His committee formed Ad Hoc committee focused on War Memorial project (4 person committee)
  • Brief (on next page) written by John (Paddock) after meeting; captures what the County is saying about being committed to modernizing War Memorial facilities, specific goals, gives Veterans historical background, describes key features, enumerates major benefits, and explains funding approach; the committee will gather best ideas for spending money

Military Veteran Community Input Requested: Onondaga County War Memorial Modernization


Onondaga County Government is committed to modernizing War Memorial facilities:

  • Preserve the historic War Memorial building;
  • Ensure facilities provide viable venues for future community & commercial activities;
  • Broaden recognition of local military veterans’ contributions across present and future eras;
  • Provide military veterans enhanced opportunities for conveying their history & heritage.

Historical background:

  • Onondaga County War Memorial building erected in tribute to heroes of two World Wars
  • Opened September 12, 1951; listed on State and National Registers of Historic Buildings in 1988
  • Names of battles and engagements county veterans had fought in inscribed on exterior
  • Onondaga County war veterans’ names are displayed on interior walls
  • Memorial Hall eulogizes county residents who died in World Wars I & II and Korean Conflict
  • Various display cases contain authentic and replicated artifacts that chronicle veterans’ service

Project key features include:

  • Modern, digitized LED marquees, LED scoreboard & screens; video control and storage systems
  • Security system; restroom renovations
  • Concourse lighting and improvements, and concession area redesign and renovation
  • Third floor Assembly Hall multi-use space, emulating Korean War era “All Ranks Club.”
  • Six “VIP Suites” facing auditorium/arena; separate entrance to access “All Ranks Club” and “VIP Suites”
  • Gold Star Mother display; and interactive, computerized kiosks expanding the ability to honor the county’s military veterans of post-Korea and future military conflicts and operations
  • Provision for “to be determined” additional enhancements/additions to exhibits throughout
  • Exterior building repair, cleaning and landscaping

Major benefits

  • Improve Syracuse Crunch fan & player experience, key to Syracuse Crunch extending lease to 12 years
  • Assembly Hall enhanced for use by veteran organizations, premium ticket pre-event activities, etc.
  • Modern, versatile technology greatly expanding flexibility and enhancement options


Funding Approach & timeline

  • Onondaga County Legislature to approve $4.5 million in bonds for improvements; an additional $4 million anticipated from state funds and increased event ticket user fees
  • Install LED marquees, scoreboards & screens in 2017; remainder before 2018-19 hockey season start
  • Future resource option - pursue auditorium/arena corporate sponsorship for arena name.

Immediate opportunity - Collect and process local veteran community thoughts and ideas of local veterans & their organizations on specific design elements to enhance War Memorial’s use and veteran-themed exhibits throughout the building, e.g. design features for the Korean War era “All Ranks Club”.   Ideas to be considered by Onondaga County Executive Veteran Service Advisory Board and decisions publicized.  Guidelines:

  • Received by October 31, 2017?
  • Able to be completed within the 13-month project timeline
  • Comply with state or local historic preservation laws or regulations
  • Forward via:  Email - Phone – Mail
  • See www.ongov.net/WarMemorialRenovation for more information

Mr. Fisher:

  • Not yet programmed $250,000 for improvements for Veteran’s exhibits in Memorial Hall and concourses; $500,000 not fully specified for improvements for Assembly Hall
  • At Ways & Means discussed concept of Assembly Hall being an Officer’s Club; Ad Hoc Committee said it’s not the right theme, and would tell the enlisted and non-commissioned that it’s not right for them; committee recommends an All Ranks Club - changed plan to All Ranks
  • Committee will help with website launching; www.ongov.net/warmemorialrenovation
    • Gather suggestions from different groups; help County on how to best spend $250,000 on Veteran’s exhibits; ensure Assembly Hall improvements are accepted by Veteran’s
    • Veteran’s understand tight time frame to get things started by Thanksgiving for suites; want everything done for 2018 hockey season; need everything nailed down in 60-90 days; want all veterans groups to be part of this

Chairman Knapp stated this would be a nice start to the discussion at the meeting tomorrow, as well as spreading the word about the website, so any Veteran can make a suggestion.  Mrs. Ervin asked if this handout could be distributed before the meeting tomorrow.  Chairman Knapp discussed emailing members and making copies with Mrs. Stanczyk.


Mr. Fisher:

  • Spreadsheet above shows uses of funds; $8.49 mil total; resolution will appropriate $1,250,000 in grant funds, and $1,345,000 paid for from facilities fees added to live event tickets (mainly Crunch, also Silver Knights and concerts)
  • Crunch to extend 7 year lease to 12 years; represents facility fees over next 12 years
  • Veterans kiosk fully funded; enhancements in Memorial Hall and concourses $250,000; no grant committed to County, but feel State Legislature will be source; hope to have grant nailed down before Oct. 3rd Session
  • Suites fully financed off $4.5 mil bond; All Ranks Club funded by state grants (not in place today)
  • Marquees – 1 on State, 1 on Montgomery and 1 on corner of Montgomery and Monroe; also adding marquees to Oncenter facing parking lot, and Civic Center theaters facing cathedral; already funded from bond passed last year
  • Scoreboard replacement with high res larger 4 panel board with LED panels beneath; can program with advertising
  • Replacing ribbon lights (2008); adding LED panels at exit portals (plastic); adding 6 LED screens at press boxes
  • Improved user experience; sound and LED screens just as important as seeing live event

Chairman Knapp asked about having screens in the hallways near the concessions.  Mr. Fisher said yes, but not LED screens; LCD screens that will all be tied together into one video control system.  There will also be high definition cameras so the picture quality will be much higher. 


Chair Tassone asked what was going on with the negotiations with SMG about the fees (in reference to $1.3 million in miscellaneous revenue).  Are they committed to a certain number?  Mr. Fisher responded:

  • Multiple parties including the County, Crunch, and State Legislature; SMG negotiates leases, then decides on what the facility use fee (FUF) will be on the tickets
  • $1 FUF on Crunch tickets, but not on season tickets or group sales; last year, SMG negotiated $2 FUF on some Crunch tickets in lieu of $500 payment to scoreboard
  • Crunch liked paying towards scoreboard with FUF, and still owe $40,000 from original scoreboard
  • Payments were done over 8 years at $20,000/year; Crunch will contribute to scoreboard, but not by paying more rent or extra per game; they will allow SMG to put additional fees on tickets

Chair Tassone asked if the Legislature will have an accurate number before the vote (Oct. 2nd).  Mr. Fisher replied it will be an accurate projection.  SMG will try to get what they can from FUF to not have to bond, and will have the lease.  Mr. Fisher wants the Crunch fully committed before giving County dollars.  They will know the fee structure, but cannot forecast ticket sales.  i.e. If the Crunch makes the playoffs, there will be more games and more tickets, which means more FUF.  Chair Tassone stated she would like an accurate number before voting. 


Mr. Jordan stated FUF is negotiated, not anticipated, and said the Legislature passed a resolution to have FUF added on.  How does SMG say they cannot do it?  Just because a tenant does not want it, does not mean it is not charged.  Mr. Jordan asked if FUF is a payback for investments or put in a separate account for future use.  Mr. Fisher responded it goes into a separate account and is tracked.  It can only be used for what Law writes off on. 


**Mr. Shepard arrived at the meeting.


Mr. Fisher:

  • $40,000 remaining in red (owed by Crunch); collect $20,000 in FUF, Peter Castor sends over, and Jim (Maturo) updates the books properly to go from $40,000 down to $20,000 at the end of the season


Mr. Maturo:

  • Like naming rights, appropriating figure revenues over series of years
  • Scoreboard - Crunch given 10 years to pay fees; received all FUF for first 3 years; piece taken care of
  • Pay for project up front, then chase revenue down the road


Mr. Jordan asked if the revenue coming in goes to debt service.  Mr. Maturo replied it funds the expenses.  If there is $2.5 million in expenditures in the next year, then the County will chase FUF for the next 10 years after.  Mr. Maturo said the County is fronting the money, and Mr. Jordan said he understands that.  Mr. Maturo responded to Mr. Jordan that there is an appropriation with no revenue behind it until FUF is collected.  Mr. Kilmartin clarified they borrow in expectation of the revenue coming in.  Mr. Maturo said the County does not issue debt, but a promise to pay years down the road.  Mr. Jordan used the scoreboard as an example.  The scoreboard was put in at a cost of X number of dollars that was paid in cash, so the County has already paid for the scoreboard.  Mr. Maturo clarified the scoreboard was paid for out of the County’s cash.  Mr. Jordan asked if it then goes to fund balance, and Mr. Maturo said when the FUF comes in, it pays the County in cash. 


Mr. Fisher:

  • Other items listed on spreadsheet financed by FUF; restrooms, concourse improvements and concession areas
  • Renovation and design - $250,000 from separate grant from Assembly; another $250,000 from FUF
  • $500,000 from Assembly; $750,000 from Senate – totals $1.25 million against state grant in resolution
  • War Memorial exterior budget is $200,000 for repairs and cleanup; $100,000 for landscaping from FUF
  • Resolution appropriates expenditures in advance of $1,345,000; add $1.25 million and previously accrued money completes financing of $8,490,000

Mr. May requested the spreadsheet in a slightly expanded format to include the projected funding source.  Mr. May said it would be nice to see where it’s all coming from, and the total spend for posterity sake.  Mr. Fisher said yes.  Mr. May stated it needs to be clear what the County is cash flowing, bonding for and hoping to see from grant money from the state. 


Mr. Jordan said it was mentioned that FUF is $2 per ticket, and asked what the increase will be to generate the $1.3 million.  Mr. Fisher answered that it is a negotiation.  The hockey team would like it to be as little as possible, and SMG would like it to be whatever is needed to cover the spending.  Mr. Fisher thinks it will end up being more than $2, but less than FUF charged for an NHL game (~$7 - $8).  It may end up between $2 and $5.  Mr. May asked if every live event will receive a FUF.  Mr. Fisher agreed that every ticketed event will.  Mr. May said with the Crunch, Mr. Fisher is talking about the overall projection of need in terms of paying back the money the County fronts for the capital expenses.  Mr. Fisher said that is right.  Mr. May said at the end of the day, every ticket will have the fee that Mr. Fisher is projecting to be at least $2.50.  Mr. Fisher clarified it will be on Crunch tickets.  Concert tickets can have more of a fee, because they are more expensive.  Soccer tickets are less, so there will not be as much.  The market dictates what can be added.  If the FUF is similar to Rochester, Albany and Buffalo, then Syracuse will probably get the concert.  If the FUF is three times as much, Syracuse will be skipped.  Mr. May said part of this is the utilization of the War Memorial.  There is a price County Government pays to deliver the product to the community.


Mr. Jordan asked when the Legislature will know what the fee will be, as there are still negotiations with the Crunch.  The financing is based on projections in terms of revenue, and it’s up to someone else to decide what to charge.  Mr. Jordan feels there is no way of knowing if the County will hit the target.  Mr. Fisher responded that in 2008 the Legislature passed a policy to put FUF on tickets sold at the War Memorial.  In 2009, the County started doing it to finance the scoreboard.  In 2012, the County brought in SMG to manage it, and hired them for their expertise.  The County tells SMG the number needed in revenue from FUF, and if it’s not possible, it will not be put in the resolution.  Mr. Fisher trusts SMG will figure it out.  Mr. Jordan asked if the County sends a bill to SMG.  Does the County tell SMG to come up with $1.3 million broken out on an annual basis to be paid every year using FUF?  Mr. Fisher replied that SMG is the County’s agent, so they take the FUF out of the money that comes in (not their pocket).  The scoreboard target was to pay off a certain amount in FUF, and it was paid off in the first 4 or 5 years.  Mr. Maturo stated the resolution said 3 years.  SMG knew they had to have enough revenue from FUF in 3 years to pay it off.  Mr. Fisher said the intent is to collect FUF over the next 12 years.  The language can change from 3 to 12.  Mr. Fisher would like to see it paid off in 12 years.  Mr. May said that would be good.  The Legislature cannot predict or project set fees based on each event, but they can set the goal for policies.

Mr. Jordan’s concern is looking at a 12 year pay back.  The current scoreboard did not last 12 years (replacing at 8 years).  The scoreboard may need replacement in 6, 8, or 10 years, and the County would not receive the full payback by then.  Mr. May said the $40,000 remaining on the old scoreboard still remains in the equation.  Mr. Fisher agreed, and said the Crunch is still paying for it, but the scoreboard will be gone.  Mr. Fisher said Mr. Jordan has a good point.  Mr. May said the obligation is still there for 12 years no matter what happens to the equipment. 


Mr. Fisher:

  • Money in operating budget for maintenance; equipment being bought has become commodity; not 1 proprietary system
  • LED panels can be replaced; choice being made when finalizing vendor; all LED screens are same technology; replace panels with commodity hardware; one vendor locks in with one solution, other more open with solutions
  • Want ability to replace parts ourselves, and finance ongoing maintenance out of different bucket; 12 years or more; good technology that will not be obsolete

Chairman Knapp restated the request for an expansion of the spreadsheet, and Mr. Fisher said he will modify the language to clarify that the FUF will come back over the course of 12 years.  Chairman Knapp restated laying out the various funding sources, and Mr. Fisher said he should be able to have it done by the end of the week.  Mr. Fisher responded to Chairman Knapp that word from the state is on their own calendar. 


The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 a.m.


Respectfully submitted,


JAMIE McNAMARA, Assistant Clerk

Onondaga County Legislature



* * *





MEMBERS PRESENT:  Mr. Jordan, Mr. Kilmartin, Mrs. Ervin, Mr. May, Mr. Shepard


ALSO PRESENTDr. Chase, Mr. Ryan, see also attached list


Chairman Knapp called the meeting to order at 9:35 a.m.  He reminded everyone that the Chairman’s Veterans Advisory Board will meet tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. at Assembly Hall.  There will be a tour with the goal of taking a look at the County Executive’s Committee recommendations and see if we have thoughts of our own or comments on their suggestions.  He noted that the meeting is open to everybody.


Chairman Knapp reminded everyone that the County Executive’s 2018 budget presentation will be Friday at 11:00 p.m.  After that it becomes the Ways & Means Committee’s budget; will start at Monday at 11:00 for Vehicle Use Review Board; review starts at 1:00 p.m. with the Planning & Economic Develop Committee departments and agencies.


A motion was made by Mr. Shepard, seconded by Mr. Kilmartin, to waive the reading of the minutes of proceedings of the previous committee meeting.  MOTION CARRIED.  A motion was made by Mr. Kilmartin, seconded by Mr. Shepard, to approve the minutes of the proceedings of the previous committee.  MOTION CARRIED.



        a.     Amending the 2017 County Budget to Make Surplus Room Occupancy Funding Available for Use in Support of the Landmark Theatre ($50,000)


Chairman Knapp said that this is for excess ROT dollars; have done this the past several years – it is in the budget and this is releasing it.  Mike Intaglietta, General Manager of the Landmark, made a presentation to the Planning Committee yesterday.  He noted that Mr. Jordan, Mr. Shepard, and himself, are all on that committee and heard the presentation.  The Landmark is having a great year--have a couple big shows and are getting ready for the Lion King.  They are are having an extended week period of rehearsals – hundreds of people coming to town and staying for a short time and some for a couple of months.  There will be a lot of room nights, and the Lion King is a great show that sells a lot of tickets.  They have things already planned for next year.  The concessions were discussed, which were an issue in years’ past, but now have their arms around it –working efficiently and they are making a lot more money on them.  This passed unanimously at Planning Committee.


Mr. May questioned if this was a budget item.  Mr. Fisher explained that this is the 4th year that this has been done.  Four years ago the Co. Executive asked for $100k to go to the Landmark; $50k went into the budget and in the course of the budget year $50k was appropriated out of surplus ROT. The Co. Executive has been supporting $100k each year, but it hasn’t gone into the budget; the legislature has waited until it sees what kind of surplus exists in ROT, and has taken it out of there rather than the budget that is taxed for.  Chairman Knapp said it is not specifically budgeted.  Mr. May said that it is not an additional amount; it is routine support of the Landmark Theater.  Mr. Knapp and Mr. Fisher agreed. 


Mr. Ryan said that in speaking to the Armory Square Business Association, the bar owners, restaurant owners and other businesses, get a big boost from events like the Lion King, and they are very appreciative.  Mr. Fisher noted that it creates work for a lot of techs, IATSE in particular.  Disney puts this on and has to set it up somewhere before it takes the show on the road – the state has a tax credit that they can use.  They set up here for about 3 weeks and hire IATSE.  The Paul McCartney show is taking up over 100 IATSE members, as is the Lion King.  They will bring people in from Rochester and elsewhere, who will be staying in hotels and spending money. 


A motion was made by Mr. Kilmartin to approve the item. 


Mr. May asked what the ROT balance is.  Mr. Morgan said that after the $50,000 is approved, there will be roughly $100,000 surplus.


Mrs. Ervin seconded the motion.  Passed unanimously; MOTION CARRIED. 



        a.     Confirming Appointments and Reappointments to the Onondaga County Fire Advisory Board


A motion was made by Mr. Kilmartin, seconded by Mr. Shepard to approve this item.  Passed unanimously; MOTION CARRIED.


3.     SHERIFF: 

          a.     Authorizing Execution of Agreements for Acceptance of State of New York Highway Safety Program Funds ($115,000)


Mr. May said that this is routine funding for the Sheriff’s Office.  Mr. Morgan said that the money is already in the budget; this is authorizing the execution of the contract; a routine grant done every year.


A motion was made by Mr. Kilmartin, seconded by Mrs. Ervin, to approve this item.  Passed unanimously; MOTION CARRIED.


4.     PURCHASE:

        a.     Revenue Contract Report


revenue reportattendance


The meeting was adjourned at 9:45 a.m.


Respectfully submitted,



Onondaga County Legislature



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