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Network facilities
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Network facilities

Network organization

WEP has locations all over Onondaga County. There are seven staffed locations and well over 100 pump stations. Each of the staffed locations has a local area network (LAN), and all are connected by a wide area network (WAN). The WAN also provides access to other Onondaga County departments as well as to the Internet.

This networking infrastructure, managed by WEP's Computer Management Division, allows all WEP personnel to share data and resources from any location in the county.

Administrative information system

The Computer Management Division also coordinates more than 240 personal computers and peripherals used for electronic data processing as well as file sharing, access to the vehicle maintenance tracking database, personnel time and attendance system, and more.

Computer management

Setting up and configuring all new computer equipment, installing new software, and troubleshooting department problems, the Computer Management Division also handles repairs, backing up files, programming for large database applications, and coordinating computer hardware and software purchases.

The goal is to meet WEP's current and future computer needs so that the public of Onondaga County is well served.


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