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Industrial Wastewater Discharge Permits

WEP uses Industrial Wastewater Discharge Permits to control the quantity and quality of wastewater discharged by industrial users. WEP also requires reporting and self-monitoring. An industrial user is any non-residential user of the the County Sewer System.

Fees for industrial wastewater permits
Significant industrial user $500
Non-significant industrial user $300




Industrial wastewater discharge permits may contain:

  • Permitted and prohibited discharges
  • County and federal wastewater discharge limitations
  • Requirements for reporting accidental discharges, changes in discharge, and transfer of ownership
  • Explanation of the County's right of entry, and County monitoring
  • Pretreatment, monitoring, waste disposal, and record keeping requirements

Typical industries that may need an Industrial Wastewater Discharge Permit:
  • Metal finishers
  • Industrial laundries
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturers
  • Chemical manufacturing and packaging
  • Dairy and food producers
  • Any industry subject to categorical standards
  • Any significant industrial user.

What is a significant industrial user?

It's an industry that meets one or more of these criteria:
  • Industrial facilities subject to promulgated categorical standards
  • The industrial facilities have a substantial effect, either singly or in combination with other industrial facilities, on the operation of the treatment works.
  • A single industrial facility that uses more than 10,000 pounds or 1,000 gallons of any substance defined as a priority pollutant, and/or substance of concern, discharging a measurable amount of that substance to the sewer system from the process that uses the substance.
  • Industries that discharge more than 5% of the average daily flow or more than 5% of the load of conventional pollutants tributary to the treatment plant.


Industrial wastewater discharge permit application


Envelope Image Please note: These lists provide guidance only. To see if your business must apply for an industrial wastewater discharge permit, call, 315-435-2260.


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