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forestry management:

Onondaga County Parks are working with Forecon to prepare long term sustainable forestry management plan for each of the County Parks and other county property as the county may designate. This will help the Parks Department preserve the health of the forested land owned by Onondaga County through thinning, replanting, cutting, disease control, pest control and other strategies. The plan will also:
  • Improve and/or maintain all new and existing roads and trails enhancing the recreational opportunities for horseback riding cross country skiing, snowmobiling, hiking, hunting etc
  • Maintain coniferous cover and any mast producing trees to enhance deer habitat
  • Promote timber production through silvicultural techniques that maintain continuous forest canopy
  • Protect soil and water resources
  • Enhance wildlife habitat
  • Maintain and enhance forest aesthetics
  • Enhance carbon sequestration through sustainable forest management practices