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energy services company:

In 2003, the County contracted with an Energy Services Company (ESCO) to audit and implement energy-related capital improvements at 25 of the County’s largest energy consuming facilities. These energy audits identified numerous energy efficiency and conservation measures (ECMs) including; lighting replacements, motor replacement, variable speed drive installations, and HVAC controls upgrades as well as some projects unique to the circumstances of individual buildings. Based upon NYSERDA required measurement and verification, these ECMs resulted in an annual reduction of 13,363,000 kWh ($1,100,000) and 899,000 therms ($675,000).

The County Office and Center for Forensic Sciences buildings are participating as "host" facilities for a NYSERDA funded project designed to bring low-cost energy savings to small- and mid-sized commercial buildings. By employing wireless energy monitoring with energy tracking and prediction software (developed, in part, by the U.S. Department of Energy) the County is estimating hourly energy use for a facility based on historical data. This data accounts for such things as weather variation, day-types and schedules. Using this tool, a building operator gains knowledge and real-time feedback measuring how much energy we can save, improper use of energy, and unexpected changes in energy use.
variable frequency drives:

The County has installed dozens of variable frequency drives (VFD) on the electric motors for fans and pumps in its building and waste water treatment facilities. A VFD is a device widely used in ventilation systems for large buildings, to save energy by allowing the volume of air moved to match the system demand. They are also used on pumps, elevator, conveyor and machine tool drives.

voice over internet protocol:

With our voice over internet protocol IT has power over Ethernet switches. That way our equipment, computers and phones, are set up to go into save or sleep mode in order to save energy. So when we leave the office our computers and phones go into save mode still allowing employees to remote in if need be.
uv light emitter:

A UV light emitter was installed in the ventilation system at the County Court House and is under evaluation for potential use in other County facilities. UV filter lighting, or UVC Emitters which are installed in HVAC systems, provide a proven and cost-effective tool to reduce energy consumption and operating costs while improving indoor air quality. Properly installed, UVC eliminates surface mold, bacteria, viruses and debris that restrict air passages.