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The work involves responsibility for supervising tree trimming, tree care and tree removal activities in the City of Syracuse. Under the general supervision of an Arborist, an employee in this class inspects publicly owned trees, determines tree care needs, and schedules and oversees tree care operations including, but not limited to, planting, removal and trimming of trees by both in-house crews and contractors. While some work is performed in an office environment, most is performed outdoors, in all weather conditions. The Tree Trimmer Crew Leader is the first point of contact for standby and emergency work, and must perform all facets of tree work in accordance with industry standards. An employee in this class exercises direct supervision over a number of Tree Trimmers and contractors. Does related work as required.


Reviews departmental operations, scope of work to be done and safety issues with the Arborist regularly.
Reviews requests for tree work from the general public, other departments and the Arborist. Recommends course of action to the Arborist, determines whether work is to be done by in-house crews or contractors, and schedules work to be performed. Inspects work while in progress and after completion.
Responds to questions and complaints, via phone or in person, from the public, contractors and other City offices regarding proposed or in-progress tree projects.
Responds to emergency calls and storm responses as required.
Inspects and monitors reconstruction projects as they relate to preserving existing trees or planting new ones.
Inspects privately owned trees for compliance with City codes and recommends course of action to the Codes Enforcement Department.
Assesses claims for damages that are generated by the City Law office.
Inspects City crews and contractor crews on job sites to ensure that they are compliant with ANSI and OSHA safety standards for tree crew operations, and that work is being satisfactorily completed.
Develops, implements and documents safety training programs for the Forestry Division, in consultation with the Arborist.
Ensure that each crew member has received training appropriate to the duties of the job assignment.
Participates in and conducts job site safety briefings with crew members.
Ensures that crew members utilize all required personal protective equipment.
Understands and instructs crew members on proper job site security procedures.
Ensures that crew members conduct tree risk assessments prior to working on trees.
Ensures that all tree care work is performed in accordance with industry and company standards.
Ensures that all equipment safety and maintenance procedures are followed.
Interacts with clientele as appropriate to help ensure job satisfaction.
Ensures all work requests are entered into the City database.
Recommends when payments are to be made to contractors; documents inferior work when necessary.
Participates in all safety training sessions offered.
Attends continuing education workshops in order to keep current with job-specific knowledge


Thorough knowledge of, and ability to safely remove and trim, trees in an aerial lift using proper rigging methods and equipment in potentially hazardous situations, such as near power lines, residences and other infrastructure.
Thorough knowledge of the principles of tree risk and job risk assessments.
Skill and knowledge in overseeing safe ground operations and training of ground crews in the same.
Skill and knowledge in the use and maintenance of hand and power tools and other equipment used in tree care and removal operations.
Good knowledge of tree species commonly planted in cities and parks and their growth habits, hardness of wood, susceptibility to pests or disease and maintenance needs.
Ability to supervise the work of others in a manner conducive to full performance and high morale.
Ability to interact well with administrators, employees, contractors and the public.
Ability to follow written and oral instructions.



(A) Five (5) years of full-time paid work experience, or its part-time equivalent, performing tree care work as a Qualified Line-Certified Tree Trimmer performing trimming and removing of trees both on the ground and in an aerial lift, which included operation of the aerial lift and use of rigging within ten feet of an electrical conductor or energized electrical line; or,

(B) Three (3) years of employment in the title of Tree Trimmer 2 with the City of Syracuse.


1. Upon appointment, must obtain certification as a Qualified Line-Certified Tree Trimmer per standards outlined in OSHA 1910.269. Must maintain certification throughout length of employment.
2. Possession of a valid Class A or Class B Commercial Driverís License (CDL) with appropriate endorsements as required by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles for the class of vehicle(s) being operated.

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