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The work involves responsibility for performing management level corrections work under the supervision of a Correction Captain or Assistant Commissioner. An employee in this class may be assigned as the ranking officer on particular tours of duty. A Correction Lieutenant may assume the responsibilities of the Correction Captain in his/her absence. A significant amount of interaction with superiors, peers and subordinates is involved at the Lieutenant level. Depending on assignment, an employee in this class may be assigned to manage the maintenance operations of the facility; may serve as the inmate discipline supervisor; may serve as employee training supervisor; or may coordinate or manage other special programs or assignments as needed. Direct supervisor is exercised over all assigned subordinate personnel. Does related work as required.


Directs security programs, activities and operations of an area of or the entire correctional facility.
Works with Correction Captain and Assistant Commissioner to develop and adopt new procedures and initiate such procedures.
Discusses specific security, operational, and programmatic problems with superiors and carries out the appropriate remedial action.
Issues orders to subordinate personnel.
Continually observes assigned subordinate staff of all ranks in performing their duties for compliance with orders, regulations, standards and procedures.
Makes continual observations of activities throughout assigned areas with regard to security, operations, general inmate well being, sanitation, and safety.
May participate in inmate discipline proceedings as required; may serve as the inmate discipline supervisor.
Initiates action in disciplinary matters involving assigned subordinates, makes recommendations to respective Assistant Commissioner on final action to be taken, and/or assists Correction Captain in administering same, as appropriate.
May be the ranking officer on particular assigned shifts.
May manage the operation of a maintenance unit.
Administers all County and Department rules and regulations, policies, procedures and standards, including those related to employee time and attendance.
May serve as Department fire and safety officer and coordinate services with internal and external fire fighting agencies.
Required to work a significant amount of overtime throughout the year.
Prepares reports, written and oral.
May serve as Department employee training supervisor.


Good knowledge of Departmental policies, procedures, standards, goals and objectives.
Working knowledge of modern correctional practices and procedures especially those related to the day-to-day operations of a correctional facility.
Working knowledge of the principles and methods of supervision and management.
Working knowledge of the laws relating to pre-trial and post-trial detention of inmates, inmate security, parole and probation.
Understanding of the laws, rules, regulations and standards applicable to the secure operations of a correctional facility.
Ability to facilitate professional and career development among subordinate staff.
Ability to organize and supervise operations within a correctional facility.
Ability to establish and maintain an effective working relationship with peers, subordinates and supervisors.
Ability to speak effectively to peers, subordinates and supervisors.
Ability to prepare and communicate clear, concise and comprehensive oral and written reports and directives.
Ability to observe, record and evaluate activities against Departmental goals, objectives, policies, procedures and standards, and recommend remedial action as appropriate.
Ability to evaluate subordinate staff in the performance of their prescribed duties and take remedial action where appropriate.
Ability to work significant amounts of overtime.
Physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.


One (1) year of permanent competitive class status as a Correction Sergeant.

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