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The work involves responsibility for assisting the Special Assistant to the Commissioner of Social Services in planning, implementing and directing the operation of the Temporary Assistance Division of the Onondaga County Department of Social Services. This position is characterized by the extensive supervisory and administrative responsibility for directing and motivating staff, managing caseloads and providing guidance in work techniques and procedures. While the department is required to operate within federal and state mandates, an employee in this class exercises independent judgment in determining and implementing local programs and policies, subject to review of the Special Assistant to the Commissioner of Social Services. This employee also acts for the Special Assistant to the Commissioner of Social Services in his/her absence. Supervision is exercised over administrative supervisors in a variety of program areas within the Division of Temporary Assistance. Does related work as required.


Plans and supervises work in the division through case management techniques, establishing procedures and guidelines for staff, directing the administrative supervisors and monitoring the work performed.
Interprets new and existing federal, state and local regulations and the policies established for actual operations to insure the effective and legal implementation of mandates.
Provides direction and decisions in response to staff requests for information, policy interpretation, appropriate procedures and in analyzing individual cases.
Assists in the formulation of policies and procedures for the division consistent with the federal and state guidelines to ensure effective management within the division.
Assists in the monitoring and evaluation of various Temporary Assistance program components and recommends improvements, policies or procedures for more effective performance.
Coordinates Temporary Assistance services with other divisions of the department and community social services agencies.
Supervises and participates in the preparation of monthly and annual reports for local, state and federal agencies to provide information on the activities and productivity of the Temporary Assistance division.
Develops and conducts staff training sessions related to corrective action techniques.


Thorough knowledge of federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations of temporary assistance programs.
Good knowledge of office management techniques that relate to the directing of work and the development and implementation of policies, procedures and work methods.
Good knowledge of other laws and programs which may affect program eligibility (e.g., Worker's Compensation, Social Security and Unemployment Insurance).
Good knowledge of the principles and practices of social services administration and management.
Good knowledge of the organization of Onondaga County government and the Department of Social Services.
Ability to identify organizational, management and procedural problems and develop viable solutions.
Ability to read and interpret written material, including legislation and regulations and to understand the impact of such on the operation of the local Temporary Assistance division.
Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with staff, governmental department heads, federal and state agencies and community liaisons.
Ability to develop and implement clear and effective programs and policies.
Ability to express ideas both orally and in writing.
Ability to supervise subordinates in a manner conducive to full performance and high morale.
Physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.



A) Two (2) years of permanent status as an Income Maintenance Supervisor II, Assistant Welfare Management System Coordinator, Training Supervisor, Client Employment Services Manager, Supervising Social Services Investigator, Coordinator of Eligibility Investigations; or,

B) Three (3) years of permanent status as an Income Maintenance Supervisor I, Administrative Analyst (Social Services), Home Economist, Support Enforcement Supervisor, Management Information Systems Trainer (Social Services), or Welfare Fraud Investigator.

Open Competitive:

Seven (7) years of experience, or its part time equivalent, in the application of financial and categorical criteria in a federal, state or local income maintenance agency, which must have included determining eligibility for benefits and authorizing benefits where appropriate, two (2) years of which must have been in a supervisory capacity.


Study at a regionally accredited college or university or one accredited by the New York State Board of Regents to grant degrees may be substituted on a year-for-year basis for up to four (4) years of the non-supervisory work experience.

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