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Assistant Superintendent of Water Maintenance and Operations


The work involves responsibility for assisting the superintendent in planning, organizing, and supervising the operation of a large water distribution system. The work is carried out in accordance with established procedures and involves knowledge of water distribution system maintenance and operation needs inclusive of proper utilization of crews and equipment. This class differs from subordinate classes involved in water construction, maintenance, and operations by virtue of its more responsible supervisory role and responsibility for division-wide maintenance. Supervision is exercised over a large number of employees involved in water distribution maintenance and operations. Does related work as required.


Supervises operations, maintenance and repair tasks of one or more of the divisionís major functions such as emergency crews, valve operations, vehicle fleet and construction equipment and tools.
Assists in the supervision of maintenance and operations of a large distribution system inclusive of construction.
Schedules crew assignments, inspects work sites to determine progress of work, investigates complaints regarding work of crews, and prepares reports of damage caused by division personnel, equipment and facilities.
Assists in estimating costs for proposed water distribution system construction and related capital expenditure items
Assists in the planning, supervising and operation of system valves.
Investigates complaints; investigates for leaks.


Thorough knowledge of principles and practices of the construction and maintenance of water distribution systems, inclusive of use of equipment and tools, trench excavation, backfilling, repaving and leak detection.
Good knowledge of principles and practices of maintenance and repair of motor vehicles and related construction equipment used in water maintenance and construction.
Good knowledge of the principles and practices of supervision.
Good knowledge of the principles and practices of pipeline operations.
Good knowledge of the safety practices for utility construction.
Ability to plan and schedule construction and maintenance work.
Ability to supervise in a manner conducive to full performance and high morale.
Ability to read plans, specifications, and maps as they relate to the supervision of work of the division.



Two (2) years of permanent non-competitive class status in the title of Water Maintenance Crew Leader; or,
Three (3) years of permanent non-competitive class status in the title of Emergency Valve Operator.

Open Competitive:

Five (5) years of full time work experience, or its part time equivalent, in the operation and maintenance of a water supply system, two (2) years of which must have been in a supervisory capacity.

8/2016 Revised