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The work involves responsibility for preparing and delivering presentations to primarily school age children, but also to apartment complexes and community groups and centers on mandatory recycling law, general recycling information and waste reduction. Under the general supervision of the Director of Recycling and Waste Reduction, the incumbent prepares written and oral presentations including using the approved curriculum for school age children from grades K through 12 and college level including the use of visual aids and graphics. Does related work as required.


Travels to schools throughout Onondaga County giving presentations on mandatory recycling law, general recycling information and waste reduction for school grade Pre-K through college level.

Gathers, verifies and prepares data for presentations on recycling and waste reduction.

Prepares lesson plans for recycling, waste reduction, composting, hazardous waste and environmental shopping for different grade levels from Pre-K through college level.

Prepares presentations primarily for schools, but also for apartment complexes and community groups and centers.

Researches educational resources on recycling topics.

Maintains and updates OCRRA recycling curricula K-6 and 7-12.

Maintains library and information files related to presentations, schools and teacher contacts.

Designs and maintains equipment needed to make presentations and demonstrations.

Participates in OCRRA’s wide public education/public speaking program.

Solicits talks to schools of Onondaga County through letters, phone calls and other methods.

Compiles information about recycling and related topics found on the Internet and in traditional library sources and distributes to teachers in OCRRA database.

Answers questions from general public on OCRRA’s Operations Separation Hotline when needed.

Participates in other promotional events sponsored by OCRRA through public education program. FULL PERFORMANCE KNOWLEDGES, SKILLS, ABILITIES AND PERSONAL CHARACTERISTICS

Good knowledge of lesson preparation and execution for variety of grade and age levels.

Working knowledge of principles and practices of recycling and solid waste management.

Ability to use a computer including the ability to access the Internet.

Ability to prepare and deliver information in oral and written form to the public.

Ability to plan and prepare exhibits and other visual information.

Ability to express complex issues clearly and effectively in public speaking format.

Physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.


Possession of a permanent New York State teaching certificate issued by the New York State Education Department.

10/99 Date of Original Composition