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The work involves responsibility for the development, management and operation of youth employment and training programs funded through the Comprehensive Employment and Training Act (CETA). Work is performed under the general supervision of the Deputy Director of Employment and Training Operations of the Onondaga County Employment and Training Agency. The Youth Services Coordinator exercises general supervision over a Youth Employment Coordinator who in turn supervises a small number of Youth Employment Supervisors and exercises direct supervision over a small number of Youth Counselors. Does related work as required.


Develops the comprehensive youth employment and training plans formulated through the CETA Annual Plan and is responsible for the delivery of these service plans; supervises the recruitment, selection and placement of eligible youth in youth programs by:

Meeting with youth services personnel at area school districts and community based organizations to develop youth employment and training programs to be administered by the school or agency.

Developing operating standards and requirements for participating agencies, based on the standards and programmatic requirements of the funding source, that are the basis for competitive solicitation of services providers and selection of program agents.

Negotiates program operating standards, which are the basis for the contract between the program agent and OCETA.

Develops standards for the recruitment, intake and selection of eligible participants based on services available through program agents; selection and enrollment decisions are made by the Youth Services Unit.

Supervises the delivery of services through the program agents by:

Reviewing and supervising the transitional services, which are those services that provide the participant with employability development and job search skills, provided by the Youth Services Staff.

Reviewing the youth employment and training program provided under contract with program agents (i.e. schools, community service organizations, etc.) and supervises the Youth Employment Supervisors in coordinating and directly supervising these contracted services and how the services are being provided to the clients.

Receives and reviews requests for non-financial modification of contracts with program agents; makes recommendations concerning modifications and submits to the Deputy Director (Operation) for approval.

Resolving operating problems encountered by program agents and confers with agency to resolve problems.

Supervises the maintenance of files and records related to program operations.

Supervises services provided to participants directly by OCETA such as employability development, personal counseling, job placement and referral to supportive services by:

Supervising the Youth Employment and Youth Counseling staff who provide these services directly.

Coordinates the referral of youth to other programs offered by OCETA.

Coordinating referral of youth to supportive services agencies such as Department of Social Services, Department of Mental Health and private and non-profit agencies.

Supervising career counseling services provided to non-participants who are referred to OCETA.

Supervises Youth Services Unit staff by delegating and assigning duties, reviewing work performance, scheduling work hours and training and staff development.


Good knowledge of the rules and regulations of the youth employment and training programs of OCETA.

Good knowledge of occupational conditions, trends and job development as applied to youth employment.

Good knowledge of area schools, community service organizations, etc. and the ability to make contact with these agencies as potential program agents.

Good knowledge of principles and techniques of program planning and implementation.

Good knowledge of the principles and techniques of program and staff supervision.

Ability to relate well with others and establish rapport with governmental, non-profit and private sector agencies.

Ability to express oneself effectively both orally and in writing.

Ability to supervise others in a manner conducive to full performance and high morale.

Physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.


A. Graduation from a regionally accredited or New York State registered college or university with a Baccalaureate Degree and three (3) years of professional level work experience, or its part-time equivalent, in personnel, employment and training development or youth * services, one (1) year of which must have been in a supervisory capacity; or ,

B. Seven (7) years of full time paraprofessional or professional level work experience, or its part-time equivalent, three (3) years of which must have been professional level work experience in personnel, employment and training development or youth* services, of which one (1) year must have been in a supervisory capacity; or,

C. An equivalent combination of training and experience as defined by the limits of (A) and (B) above.

*Youth is defined as that period between the ages of 12 and 21.

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