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Election Regulations

New York State Election Law

NYS Election Law and Rules

Formal Opinions of the State Board of Elections 1976 to present

Advisory Opinions of the State Board of Elections
(This class of opinion applies only to the interpretation of Election Law section 14-130 which prohibits the personal use of campaign funds if it is unrelated to the campaign for, or the holding of, public office.)

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Help America Vote Act
The Help America Vote Act of 2002 is a package of reforms that will ensure meaningful access to the democratic process for all New Yorkers. New York has developed a plan to implement the Act's provisions and access the federal funds needed to ensure compliance. The plan may be viewed by following the link below and copies are available at county boards of elections and public libraries across the state and at the State Board of Elections.


Draft Plan

Summary of Federal Legislation

National Voter Registration Act
The National Voter Registration Act is commonly referred to as the "Motor Voter" bill because it provides for new voter registration opportunities at all DMV offices when you apply for or renew your New York State Driver’s license or ID card.

Residents also have the opportunity to register to vote at a wide variety of other New York State agencies. This component of the national Voter Registration Act is called the "Agency-Based Voter Registration Program," and it provides registration opportunities when applying for services or assistance at state agencies.

In addition to the Department of Motor Vehicles, you may apply to register to vote at any of the following New York State agency offices.

Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services
Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired
Commission on Quality of Care for the Mentally Disabled
Department of Health - WIC Program
Department of Labor
Department of Social Services
Department of State
Division of Veterans’ Affairs
Military Recruiting Offices
Office for the Aging
Office of the Advocate for Persons with Disabilities
Office of Mental Health
Office for Peope with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD)
Vocational and Educational Services for Individuals with Disabilities
Workers’ Compensation Board

Mail-In Voter Registration Applications can be obtained from any of the New York State Agencies listed in the Agency-Based section of this page.

You may also obtain a voter registration application by calling your County Board of Elections at (315) 435-3312, The New York State Board of Elections Hot Line at 1-800-FOR-VOTE or, by filling out the on-line voter application request form.

Local Board Procedures

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CLICK HERE for the Objection and Specifications Procedure

CLICK HERE for a General Objection Form

CLICK HERE for a General Objection Form for Independent Nominating Petition

CLICK HERE for a General Objection Form for OTB Petition

CLICK HERE for a Specific Objection Form

CLICK HERE for a Specific Objection Form for Independent Nominating Petition

CLICK HERE for a Specific Objection Form for OTB Petition

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CLICK HERE for 2022 Chart of Deadlines for Objections and Specific Objections

CLICK HERE for Absentee Commissioner Agreements

CLICK HERE for Canvassing Absentee, Special and Affidavit Ballots

CLICK HERE for Objections during Canvassings Absentee, Special and Affidavit Ballots



Written Annual Reports



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