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Political Subdivision Sheet

Election District Shapefiles

Board Of Election Maps

Polling Place Maps

Onondaga County

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Early Voting Maps

Early voting sites for Primary Election

Early voting sites for General Election

District Maps

NYS Senate

County of Onondaga Senate(New)

48th Senate(New)

50th Senate(New)

NYS Assembly

County of Onondaga Assembly(New)
City of Syracuse Assembly(New)

126th State Assembly District(New)
127th State Assembly District(New)
128th State Assembly District(New)
129th State Assembly District(New)

US Congress

22nd Congressional District(New)

Onondaga County Legislature

Onondaga County Legislative Districts Overview Map(New)

Onondaga County Legislative Districts City Overview Map (New)

District 1(New)
District 2(New)
District 3(New)
District 4(New)
District 5(New)
District 6(New)
District 7(New)
District 8(New)
District 9(New)
District 10(New)
District 11(New)
District 12(New)
District 13(New)
District 14(New)
District 15(New)
District 16(New)
District 17(New)

City of Syracuse Common Council

City of Syracuse Common Council Districts(New)
District 1(New)
District 2(New)
District 3(New)
District 4(New)
District 5(New)




Municipality Maps

City of Syracuse

City of Syracuse City-Wide

City of Syracuse Wards

City of Syracuse – 1st Ward(New)
City of Syracuse – 2nd Ward(New)
City of Syracuse – 3rd Ward(New)
City of Syracuse – 4th Ward(New)
City of Syracuse – 5th Ward(New)
City of Syracuse – 6th Ward(New)
City of Syracuse – 7th Ward(New)
City of Syracuse – 8th Ward(New)
City of Syracuse – 9th Ward(New)
City of Syracuse – 10th Ward(New)
City of Syracuse – 11th Ward(New)
City of Syracuse – 12th Ward(New)
City of Syracuse – 13th Ward(New)
City of Syracuse – 14th Ward(New)
City of Syracuse – 15th Ward(New)
City of Syracuse – 16th Ward(New)
City of Syracuse – 17th Ward(New)
City of Syracuse – 18th Ward(New)
City of Syracuse – 19th Ward(New)


Town of Camillus(New)

Town of Cicero(New)
Town of Clay(New)
Town of Dewitt(New)

Town of Elbridge(New)
Town of Fabius(New)
Town of Geddes(New)
Town of Lafayette(New)
Town of Lysander(New)
Town of Manlius(New)
Town of Marcellus(New)
Town of Onondaga(New)
Town of Otisco(New)
Town of Pompey(New)
Town of Salina(New)
Town of Skaneateles(New)
Town of Spafford(New)

Town of Tully(New)
Town of VanBuren(New)



Village of Baldwinsville(New)

Village of Camillus(New)

Village of East Syracuse(New)

Village of Elbridge(New)

Village of Fabius(New)

Village of Fayetteville(New)

Village of Jordan(New)

Village of Liverpool(New)

Village of Manlius(New)

Village of Marcellus(New)

Village of Minoa(New)

Village of North Syracuse(New)

Village of Skaneateles(New)

Village of Solvay(New)

Village of Tully(New)

Revised: June 12,2023


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