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Caucus Nomination Filings 08/04/2023
Caucus Nomination Filings 07/31/2023
Caucus Nomination Filings 07/27/2023
Objection/Specifications Filings 07/26/2023
Caucus Nomination Filings 07/14/2023
Objection/Specifications 07/14/2023
Caucus Nomination Filings 07/07/2023
Objection/Specifications Filings 06/09/2023
Objection/Specifications Filings 06/07/2023
Caucus Nomination Filings 06/07/2023
Objection/Specifications Filings 06/07/2023
Objection/Specifications Filings 06/06/2023
Independent Nominating Petition Filings 06/02/2023
Objection/Specifications Filings 06/02/2023
Independent Nominating Petition Filings 06/01/2023
Objection/Specifications Filings 06/01/2023
Independent Nominating Petition Filings 05/31/2023
Objection/Specifications Filings 05/31/2023
Independent Nominating Petition Filings 05/30/2023
Independent Nominating Petition Filings 05/25/2023
Independent Nominating Petition Filings 05/24/2023
Caucus Nomination Filings 05/24/2023
Independent Nominating Petition Filings 05/23/2023
Caucus Nomination Filings 04/28/2023
Objection/Specifications Filings 04/27/2023
Objection/Specifications Filings 04/26/2023
Caucus Nomination Filings 04/25/2023
Objection/Specifications Filings 04/20/2023
Petitions Filings for 04/20/2023
Objection/Specifications Filings 04/19/2023
Petitions Filings for 04/19/2023
Objection/Specifications Filings 04/18/2023
Petitions Filings for 04/18/2023
Objection/Specifications Filings 04/18/2023
Petitions Filings for 04/17/2023
Objection/Specifications Filings 04/17/2023
Petitions Filings for 04/14/2023
Objection/Specifications Filings 04/14/2023
Petitions Filings for 04/13/2023
Objection/Speciications Filings 04/13/2023
Petitions Filings for 04/12/2023
Objection/Specifications Filings 04/12/2023
Objection/Specifications Filings 04/11/2023
Petitions Filings for 04/11/2023
Petition Filings for 04/10/2023
Petition Filings for 04/07/2023
Petition Filings for 04/06/2023
Petition Filings for 04/05/2023
Petition Filings for 4/04/2023
Petition Filings for 4/3/2023
Filings for 05/03/2023 June Village Elections
Filings for 2/15/2023 March Village Elections
Filings for 2/14/2023 March Village Elections
Filings for 2/13/2023 March Village Elections
Filings for 2/7/2023 March Village Elections
Objection/Specifics Filings 2/3/2023 March Village Elections
Filings for 2/2/2023 March Village Elections

Revised: June 09, 2023


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