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Personnel and Budget

In keeping with state mandate, the Board of Elections is administered by two Commissioners, one Democrat, currently Dustin M. Czarny, and one Republican, currently Michele L. Sardo. The Commissioners are recommended by their respective County Party committees and appointed by the County Legislature.

The Board of Elections is funded by the County of Onondaga.

Election Cost

The County maintains the cost for all voting machines, machine technicians and election inspectors.

The County Board of Elections determines where polling places will be located, the training and appointment of all election inspectors.  The County owns 225 Clear Cast and 150 Clear Mark machines.

Polling Places

One polling place may contain more than one Election District. All 148 polling sites are accessible to people with disabilities. Efforts will continue to ensure each and every polling place is accessible to people with disabilities and senior citizens. Each year polling places are reviewed for comfort, lighting, safety, and accessibility. Community groups and elected officials are actively involved in locating better polling places.

Election Districts

An election district is the smallest political unit. As of 2022, there are 442 Election Districts in Onondaga County, 6 of which were non-working districts. There is an average registration of 682 voters in each district.

  Election Inspectors

New York State Election Law requires an even number of inspectors in each polling site. Election Inspectors must be registered to vote in one of the two major parties and reside within the County in which they will serve.  Appointments for these positions are equally divided between the major political parties (Republicans and Democrats). The inspectors are recommended by the chair of their political parties.

Inspectors are required to attend a mandatory training session and pass an examination each year. Training sessions are required so that the inspectors actually handle all paperwork used at a polling site and are given a hands on demonstration of the opening and closing of the voting machine.

Election Results

The Clear Vote system has hand marked paper ballots that are scanned at each polling site by the Clear Cast Go precinct scanners. Each system is equipped with thermal tape and memory cards which contain the election results.  The memory cards are read on the Election Management System and results are available within minutes of being delivered.

The Onondaga Board of Elections tabulates all absentee ballots through ClearBallot Clearcount. All absentee ballots remain secured at the Board of Elections.

Financial Disclosure

New York State Election Law requires that candidates and political committees file detailed financial disclosure statements of political contributions and expenditures with the New York State Board of Elections.

Effective 1/15/2006, all campaign financial disclosure committees are required to file financial disclosure statements electronically with the State Board of Elections. Candidates for Federal Offices file with the Federal Election Commission, Washington, D. C. .



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